Legal Cocaine In A Can!


Posted September 20, 2006 - By Mike D'Alonzo

There's a new energy drink called Cocaine. Yes. It's true. Why would I lie about such a thing? Apparently, Cocaine, as in the drink, is 350 times stronger than Red Bull. That's quite some energy! I mean, I'm not above a little Red Bull pick-me-up, but 350 times that? Whew.

Of course, if you have always wanted to try cocaine, the drug, and are afraid of the effects it might have on your body, as well as the fact that it's illegal, then you might like Cocaine, the drink. Especially since it's only a matter of time before some Right Wing Christian organization stops production of the drink because it has the word "cocaine" on the can.

If it were called "Lamb of God", you can bet that it would be sold in church.

POPSUGAR.com: Would You Drink Cocaine If Everyone Was Doing It?

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Legal Cocaine In A Can!


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