Things You Can Do on a Plane Today


Posted August 10, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

Crawl out from under your rock and turn on your television for a minute. You'll notice that we're under attack...again.

This morning, British officials thwarted a massive terrorist plot to kill thousands of human beings, so now you can't take toothpaste, soda or lip gloss on a domestic flight and you have to show up approximately 21 days before your flight is supposed to board, fill out 47 forms (in triplicate) and donate a kidney.

After all that, you'll look, feel and smell like a German under a heat lamp, but at least you'll have your iPod, PSP, Nintendo DS, laptop, and portable DVD player to keep you company. OH WAIT! No you won't--you're not allowed to have any of those things either!

YOU WIN. So, what's a geek to do while traveling without all of their life sustaining accessories? We've compiled a list to help you out, now that flying is officially the most boring thing you could ever possibly do.

1. Play solitaire...with real cards
2. Pretend your a foriegner and talk to the other passengers in a funny made up accent
3. Play Paper Football (but don't make the edges too pointy)
4. Take some string and play Cat's Craddle
5. Work on the lyrics to your rap album
6. Imagine what you would be eating if airlines still served food
7. Try and figure out how many fluid ounces of vomit fit in the air sickness bag
8. Day dream
9. Clean out your wallet
10. Count to a really high number
11. Test your Jedi Mind Powers
12. Sleep
13. Play "I Spy"
14. Figure out who you would step on if you needed to get to the emergency exit
15. Give everyone on the plane a nickname
16. Play 1,398 Bottles of Beer on the Wall for cross-country flights
17. Play 472 Bottles of Beer on the Wall for domestic flights shorter than three hours
18. Mentally undress everyone on the plane
19. Re-draw the entire emergency card with celebrity charactures
20. Actually watch the movie
21. Look for things you can pull apart
22. Read a real book for once
23. Write limericks
24. Pull down and put back your tray table 6,098 times
25. Wonder if you'll ever see all the electronics you were forced to check again

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Things You Can Do on a Plane Today


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