Police Crack Down on Illegal "Fight Clubs"


Posted August 1, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

This probably isn't news to you if you've ever been to youtube.com, but teenagers all over the country enjoy videotaping fights with one another then posting them on the internets or compiling and selling DVDs.

The police have just caught onto the disturbing but highly entertaining trend and vow to "crack down" on offenders and use the threat of arrest to put an end to the murderous rage that lurks at the center of each of us.

"When you watch the video, you're appalled by the savagery, the callousness, the lack of morality," says James Hawthorne, deputy police chief of Arlington's West District, who's leading a crackdown on fight clubs. "This is an indictment of us as a society. It's not a race issue or a class issue. It's a kids issue."

The violent, brutal nature of existence itself was not addressed by Hawthorne, but Orin Starn, cultural anthropology professor at Duke University who teaches about sports in American society pointed out that "This does seem a phenomenon of the Mortal Kombat, violent video game generation. The fight club offers the chance to bring those fantasies of violence and danger to life — and maybe have your 15 minutes of fame in an underground video."

Because before Mortal Kombat, there was no violence.

In an awesomely irresponsible quote, Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk told USA Today: "God bless these kids. I hope they're having a great time. I don't think they'd be doing it if they weren't having a great time."

USA Today: Illegal, violent teen fight clubs face police crackdown

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Police Crack Down on Illegal "Fight Clubs"


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