Rich People To Get Super Cars

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Posted July 26, 2006 - By F M

Home owners in Luxury Resort Villas in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Tuscany and Dubai anf other locations will soon be able to tool around in the Natalia SLS 2 Sport Luxury Sedans from DiMora Motorcar. The resort ordered a fleet of 10 of the exclusive handcrafted super sedans for their high-end residents.

The cars are built in Palm Springs, CA, and comes complete with a 1,200-horsepower "Volcano" V16 engine, video screens, a video projector housed in the headlights that enable the car to project a video while parked, rear-seat massagers, heat-sensitive color-changing paint, biofeedback sensors that measure the driver's physical condition, a night vision heads-up display, a $12,000 limited-production Natalia lady's purse and bottle of Natalia wine that features a self-uncorking system. For an extra five grand the car will also fix your kitchen sink and get you laid.

Autoblog.com: LV Resorts orders fleet of $2 million super sedans

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Rich People To Get Super Cars