French Police Thwart Potheads Attempts To Roll World's Largest Joint


Posted July 25, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

The French are the best people on earth.

They eat better food, make better movies, write better books, have better conversations, paint better pictures and make love better than anyone else on earth.

France is vastly superior to America in terms leadership, overall intelligence of the population, manners, education level, health care and economic system.

French women are hotter than American women.

French workers go on month-long paid vacations as a matter of course.

The French are civilized. They dress better than us: Only Frenchmen (and Fred from Scooby Doo) can confidently rock ascots.

I could go on all day, literally, but I won't. Instead I'll tell you about France's one failing--other than that whole "cooperating with Nazis thing"--and that is: They fail at rolling the world's largest joint.

French police siezed the makings of the world's biggest joint from a bunch of French loaders: "At some point, these young people had wanted to craft a joint of 1.12 metres to beat the world record in the discipline and get it officially registered," said a police officer in eastern France.

Sad times. Sad, sad times.

breitbart.com: French police thwart joint-rolling world record attempt

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French Police Thwart Potheads Attempts To Roll World's Largest Joint


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