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Posted July 24, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

That's some sexy lingerie, space tiger!Some people who aren't you are starting to think about what the human species will be like when we're forced to mate in a zero gravity environment.

As if intercourse wasn't already awkward enough with all the fluids and the limbs flailing and the Barry White, now it's being further complicated by science. You think unhooking a bra is hard? Try getting your space lady out of that helmet. The space sexpert they talked to used the word "choreographed" to describe the type of sex you'd have to have in zero gravity. 

Choreographed + sex + gangly space nerds = best porn ever made!

Also, there was this quote: “Sex in micro-g might be a little underwhelming. That is, the fantasy might be vastly superior to the reality. It’s a pretty messy environment…for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction."

You know what that means? If you try to hang a noodle from the nose, it'll go everywhere and ruin your astronaut ice creams! Oh nos!!!11!!1!!!!

LiveScience: Sex in Space: Getting a Grip on Gravity

The 62.1 Miles High Club


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