Going All In? Your Heart Will Betray You

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Posted July 7, 2006 - By Mike D'Alonzo

You think you're a pretty good poker player? I bet you're the type to go super agressive and bluff the first hand with an all-in bet no matter how the cards look, trying to double or triple your money upfront by suckering someone to take the bait, or stealing the blinds and show everyone that you're a badass with no fear.

Also, you probably brought a cigar, though you've never actually smoked one, and you brought a bottle of scotch that you're desperately hoping no one will notice you wincing over. Oh, yeah. You've got poker down, my friend. Even though people go their whole lives without mastering it, you think you've got it beat because you've watched Celebrity Poker Showdown on TV.

Well, try and beat a pulse monitor, big guy. That's right. It's a lot harder to bluff when I can see your heart rate rise. I know what you're thinking. Does he have the full boat, or is he trying to sucker me out? Well, check it out, Geronimo. My pulse is steady. You want to bet into this? Come with it.

Just know that your heart is actually beating more like a mile and a half a minute right now.

Yahoo! News: Pulse monitor peels away at poker mystique

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Going All In? Your Heart Will Betray You


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