Here's Your Daily PS3 Suckage Report


Posted July 3, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

I hate to bag more on the PS3, but this whole price thing is really bumming everyone out, especially market analysts.

See, these "analysts" do all sorts of weird number crunching and look at a whole bunch of different variables in order to try and predict how the videogame market will shake out. They've looked into their crazy crystal ball and they've seen stormy seas for Sony and the PS3. Analysts aren't the only ones who are worried either...

People Who Know Things Say Outlook Bleak for PS3

In fact, these doods are predicting that Sony will go from first to last in the next gen console race, because the best thing they've got going for them right now is brand recognition and the analysts don't think that's going to be enough to hold on to the top spot when your console costs about as much as having your appendix removed.

Plus, the study notes, Sony's reliance on peripherals or extras like amped up horse processor horsepower and Blu-ray is unnerving. Analysts also think that the price will drive consumers to look at alternatives and settle for something a little bit more affordable.

Wouldn't it be funny if a day before launch, Sony announced they were just kidding and the PS3 is actually only going to be like $300? A girl can dream. . .

Game Daily: Could Sony Go From First to Worst?

Ubisoft President Calling for PS3 Price Drop in 2007

Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot is calling for an almost immediate PS3 price drop in 2007. The videogame entrepreneur believes that unless the price of the console comes down from the stratosphere, sales will begin to drop dramatically after the first wave of early adaptors diminishes.

He, like Bill Gates, thinks that 2007 will be the crucial year for next gen consoles and that many not-so-hardcore gamers will go for cheaper systems unless the PS3 comes down a little in buckage.

You know, I think he might be right.

GamesIndustry: PS3 price must drop in 2007, says Ubisoft boss

I want to end things on a lighter note so that you don't hate me

Here's a list of 25 things you could pawn to buy your new PS3! It's written by an Australian guy, so some of them are sort of weird, but I added a few of my own to make up for it.

1. Your collection of Muppet Caper glasses from McDonalds.

2. All your anime. You're just going to have to buy it for HD-DVD again anyway.

3. All your porn. You're just going to have to buy it for HD-DVD again anyway.

4. The tens of real emo albums you bought off of eBay in the early zeros hoping they would someday be worth something, only to realize just a few years later that no one is ever going to care about The Promise Ring again...ever.

5. Naked pictures of your mom.

6. If you're a girl (which you probably aren't) you can finally get rid of all that ugly jewelry your ex-boyfriends bought you time and time again. Think about how satisfying that'll be when you're playing your shiny new PS3!

7. All your nerdy gamer t-shirts from Hot Topic. Someone else will buy them, trust me. A 12-year old sucker is born every minute.

The Age: 25 Things to Pawn to Buy a PS3

Here's Your Daily PS3 Suckage Report


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