Harry Potter To Go Six Feet Under?


Posted June 27, 2006 - By Mike D'Alonzo

J. K. Rowling is getting near the end of the last in the series of Harry Potter books, and, as these things often do, details about the story are beginning to leak out ever so slowly. Of course, Rowling often speaks in riddles, so we're not necessarily sure what she's talking about, but it does seem to hint at some pretty interesting stuff.

There will be death. And it will be the death of important characters, and, yes, I said characters. As in more than one.

Rowling, who is the richest person in England, more so than the queen, or Angela Lansbury--uh, sorry...that's Paul McCartney (They look the same, you know), says that at least two major characters will die.

Here's my prediction, and I'm going live with it...

Voldemort gave part of himself to Harry via horcrux, which means that for Voldemort to die, Harry, too, must die. Obviously, Ron and Hermione will be married. Ginny will die trying to save Harry, and Snape will reveal that he helped somehow to keep Dumbledore alive and was just acting responsible for his death so that it would deflect judgement. Malfoy will somehow join with Harry to help save everything, and Mr. Malfoy must die. Lucius will come back from the nether plane to guide Harry, and will bring the spirits of the Potters along with him.

Oh, and Neville Longbottom will become the headmaster at Hogwarts.

We'll see if I get close. Opinions?

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Harry Potter To Go Six Feet Under?


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