Would you like a Jack and Rape?

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Posted June 26, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

Watch out Wisconsin! As if it didn’t suck enough already to be stuck in the state with ball freezingly cold winters, you could now be charged with rape for helping a girl get drunk.

Wisconsin law makers are expanding current date rape laws that regulate things like roofies and tranquilizers, to include plain old alcohol.

All right, since I’m the woman around this joint, I feel the need to comment on this sensitive issue. Here’s my thesis:

If you stand in the middle of the highway, you are bound to get hit by a car.

Oh god! She’s not going to set feminism back by saying girls who get so drunk they blackout they deserve whatever happens to them, is she?! No, I’m not. Because no one deserves to get raped, but what I am going to say is that as a female member of society, I don’t like to put myself in situations where bad things might happen to me. And if you put yourself in a social situation where you are, voluntarily going to lose consciousness by your own doing, you have to be prepared for the consequences.

Going to a party where you are going to imbibe large amounts of alcohol and not just the large amount that it takes to make that ugly guy in your recitation look appealing, but amounts large enough that you forget your name, you are putting yourself at an increased risk.

With drugs that can be slipped into those many drinks, you may not be aware that what you are taking in will disable you, but with alcohol, you are aware and there are many chances to get off the train. With roofies, you’re on an express. There is no choice. However, with every sip of alcohol you take, you make a choice to get drunker. Another shot? You are going to get more drunk. There is no way around it and that’s why binge drinking is so dangerous on college campuses, because kids don’t know when to stop.

I think that laws like this reflect the attitudes that set feminism back. Way back, because by advocating these kinds of standards, we’re not taking responsibility for our own actions. Instead of saying, “You know what, no thanks, I don’t think I’m going to have that tenth Jell-O shot,” we have to let the government (let’s face it: still predominantly run by men) step in and protect us. This type of crap cheapens our rights when women get raped in situations they didn’t enable. It makes us look weak and tells men that we don’t know when to stop. That sends a message of ease, because how many alcohol related rapes do you think go unreported? If I were a guy who was jonesing to do something really bad, I’d play the odds that I could get a girl drunk enough to where she would say “yes” or better yet, not to be able to talk at all and then she’d be too embarrassed to say anything afterwards.

If women really wanted to help prevent rape, they wouldn’t, voluntarily, put themselves in situations where it might be more likely. And I am not saying that women shouldn’t drink at all, but I think we can all agree that there is a huge, giant thick line between the point where alcohol acts as a safe, fun social lubricant and where you’re blacked out and setting chairs on fire on your front porch.

Don’t look at me like that. I’ve had plenty of close friends who, most depressingly, have been victims of alcohol facilitated inappropriate sexual contact. It is horrible, awful debilitating thing to have happen to you. No guy should ever have the inclination to take advantage of a girl when she is in a state like that, but not all guys are good guys and so until the entire sex is genetically programmed to carry a girl, untouched, back to her own bed when she blacks out, women have to be careful to not drink to excess.

The only time men will stop taking advantage of us is when we decide to stop giving them permission. Getting so drunk that we let someone draw a vagina on our elbow with an arrow pointing to it that says “lick me” is giving them permission. If you really wanted to move women’s lib forward, we would feed guys alcohol until they were near passed out and take advantage of them, but they don’t give us permission to do that.

And you know what? You think guys haven’t gotten really really drunk and made out with butter trolls they later regretted? Of course they have, we all have. But there’s a difference between making a choice to pick up a glass over and over and over again and being drugged. So if you want to sip Jack Daniels straight from the bottle, then you can sit back and take your lumps like the rest of us.

Wisconsin State Journal: Rape law expands to include alcohol

Would you like a Jack and Rape?


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