Bunch of Idiots Fight Over World Records


Posted June 13, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

Well, well, well, what do we have here...seems some Internet start-ups are giving the Guinness Book of World Records a run for its money.

Several companies, such as Record Holders Republic, are attempting to steal Guinness's thunder by certifying their own World Record holders and it's starting to lead to some confusion in the record setting world.

I guess, inevitably, those who really give two craps about who can eat the most pellets of dog food in two minutes will have to decide who the most credible source for world records is, whether it is Guinness or some new kid on the block. Unfortunately, the very thing that makes Guinness what it is—its giant infrastructure—is also going to hamper it. It takes them longer to process record requests, while other organizations who use the web as their main method of display instead of print, can update things immediately after they happen.

Ultimately, though, there still is no cure for AIDS.

Wall Street Journal: The World's Most Interesting Article

Bunch of Idiots Fight Over World Records


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