I Used To Love Him, But I Had To Kill Him

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Posted June 6, 2006 - By F M

Regarding the lamest rock moment in recent years, fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger has broken the silence about his scuffle with Axl Rose at New York club The Plumm a few weeks ago. Calling it an “attack,” Hilfiger told the World Entertainment News Network he was "just protecting myself" against the Guns N’ Roses frontman at Rosario Dawson's 27th birthday. The 55-year-old designer was reportedly annoyed by Rose moving his girlfriend's drink on a table and told him to put the it back. "I'm not a fighter. I was just protecting myself,” he elaborated.

"He was being rude and obnoxious, and I just told him to cool it. I went after him before he could get me. Some people say, 'Good going,' but other people just want to know if I'm all right."  The following day, Rose told a Los Angeles radio station that Hilfiger kept "smacking" him. Ixnay on the ack-sm-zay, dude! Makes ya look kinda like a wus-say!


Blabbermouth.net: Hilfiger Says Guns N' Roses Frontman Axl Rose Was 'Rude And Obnoxious'

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I Used To Love Him, But I Had To Kill Him