I Love the Smell of BBQ in the Morning


Posted May 26, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

I am all about trying to make you, the good citizens of Feedville, better people today. I want to expand your horizons, brighten your day, and bring you the news that will make you interesting at cocktail parties.

This article is fascinating--it's a list of weird stuff you probably didn't know about your own human body. It contains tips and tricks for everything from preventing heart attacks to grooming to sexual (mis)adventures.

It also contains what has just recently become my favorite written paragraph ever. . .ever:

"To get your partner in the mood, turn down the Barry White and feed her Good & Plenty. In a study by noted Chicago smell researcher Dr. Alan Hirsch, women exposed to the scent of licorice experienced a 13 percent increase in vaginal blood flow. That compares to a 14 percent reduction from the scent of barbecue smoke."

I guess that BBQ Mystique candle from Crate and Barrel was a waste of money.

Men's Journal: Things You Didn't Know About Your Body

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I Love the Smell of BBQ in the Morning