Webmaster Hates You: Academia


Posted May 18, 2006 - By Mike D'Alonzo

The Webmaster Hates You is a daily Feed feature in which the webmaster answers your email. Isn't that fun?

To: webmaster

Subject: Site Too Complex

Like most everyone in the gaming world your website is so complex as to be assanine You need to be more logical/scientific/objective and less artistic/subjective. All this flash and java junk is for the birds. You are discriminating against academic freedom.




To: Geoff

Subject: Site Too Complex

Dear Geoff,

Academia is a flexible bullet. On the one hand, one must stay current with the philosophy of the times, if one is to remain on the bleeding edge of the learning process. Where would the scientific world be had we rejected the complexities of the Venn diagram or the Bohr model, simply because they were "assanine?" What would become of geometry had we failed to adopt the Pythagorean Theorem, just because it was too subjective?

Such is the morass we find ourselves in when contemplating the flow of out website. Are we expected to remain dormant in the face of such technology, simply because we may risk offending those who have yet to adopt a 21st Century attitude toward the interwebs? This is a medium based almost solely on the growth of such technology, and one, as an entity in this particular space, must either adapt to these changes or die on the vine, metaphorically speaking.

Trust, dearest Geoff, that your academic freedom is well and truly intact in our hands, and that your learning to embrace the change will be a rhapsodic by-product of our evolution. One that we look forward to sharing with you as you finally re-emerge into the new-model lifestyle that comes with our times.

Also, you could just pony up and pay for a broadband connection and a faster processor, you cheap bastard.

Yours, from the hallow'ed halls of G4,

The Webmaster, Ph. D.


Webmaster Hates You: Academia


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