Your Boys Can Swim! Or Tread Water. . .

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Posted April 28, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

What is that sweet, sweet sound? Oh yes, it’s men coming one step closer to knowing the burden of family planning. Check this out: Scientists are developing the elusive male birth control pill.

This miracle pill would be the equivalent of female birth control. Men, you would take one pill a day and when you stopped taking it all your adorable little sperm would come back. No long term side effects!

Now, if only they could give you the 30 pounds of weight gain and raging hormones that cause you to cry every time you see a puppy on television—then things would really be close to equal. 

Sydney Morning Herald: Wake up, shave face, take the pill: it's a man's world

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Your Boys Can Swim! Or Tread Water. . .