Webmaster Hates You: Webmast'r Hate'n U


Posted April 23, 2006 - By Mike D'Alonzo

The Webmaster Hates You is a semi-regular Feed feature in which the Webmaster answers your email. Enjoy.

To: Webmaster
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2006 9:07 AM
From: Uzi87
Subject: You Suck!

I been watch'n this network for as long as I can remember and it been change'n a lot. Jugdement Day is gone, I barely see Eletric Playground or don't see it at all, and all this these other gamer shows that I can't even remember because thats how much G4 has changed. Now they'er bringing a new host on Filter. They just killed it for me because I liked Diane Mizota. This network is die, is not even about games anymore like every says. The only show about game is X-PLay and sooner or later is going to taken off. And thats when will know that G4 is dead.

Dear Uzi87,

Your comments have hurted us to bone. We been chang'n to make happy you. It's hard hearing your network is die, especially when your network die is where you work. We love'n X-Play, and I'm not sure that sooner or later is going to taken off. But, will know that G4 is dead is importn't information. We watch'n what say you. We pay'n attention.



Webmaster Hates You: Webmast'r Hate'n U


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