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Depending on your browser, you may have noticed a small new graphic at the bottom of G4tv.com today - it's the beta for OneTrueFan - a new way to show your love for G4TV and find other people who are interested in the same games and stuff that you are. As with many things in life (especially on the internet), its a popularity contest. Earn points by visiting often, reading lots of articles, sharing links and driving traffic back to G4tv.com.  But fan-ship is fleeting and the points you earn disappear after 14 days, so make sure to come back and show your love regularly. We'll look to offer prizes for top fans in the future if you guys are into it.

When you register, you automatically show up in the bar on pages that you visit, with your recent shared articles showing up in your profile flyout. We hope this is a great way to discover new content by checking out the flyouts of people on the same page as you. What you share is all on you; the control is entirely up to you.

OneTrueFan G4tv.com Newshound PatchYou can also earn custom patches on G4tv.com such as Newshound (for TheFeed), Attack of the Show-er and Around the Net, as well as Thanks for Sharing, Second Base (five pages in a single visit) and Commitment (30 days in a row at G4TV.com).  As time goes on, we'll release more custom patches, these will include game and event specific patches, and limited edition patches for things like E3 live streaming, and Comic-Con. You can view your patches at OneTrueFan.com, and in the future some of these will be available as real patches that OTF will send to you so you can have mom stitch them onto your boy scout uniform/jean jacket.

If you enjoy OneTrueFan, you can install the AddOn to your browser and see people on every site you visit.  If you don't like OneTrueFan, just click the "Hide OTF permanently" option in the settings flyout and you'll never see the bar again.

As always, let us know what you think and remember that you can simply click on "Hide OTF Permanently" in the option menu on the right side of the bar if you don't like it. OneTrueFan is still in beta and is constantly improving based upon user feedback.

If Gamers Gave The Oscars

As he has since ancient days, this morning, Tsulvoth, The Mighty God of Hollywood, opened his gargantuan throat and vomited the list of nominees for the 2011 Academy Awards. (All hail Tsulvoth!) As usual, this year’s nominees are mostly flicks that are pretty good and made money, spiced up with a few movies that are very good and didn’t.

Other than the surprisingly solid Toy Story 3 tie-in game, none of the movies nominated this year have accompanying video games, but it’s still possible to “play” them, with a little imagination. We got together with our sister blog, Attack of the Blog, and compiled the following list of games that are equivalent to this year’s academy award nominees.

Wii Punch Out!!

The Fighter: This film tells the story of "Irish" Micky Ward, an amateur boxer from Boston who eventually went pro. Though no game exactly captures Ward's difficult struggle with repeated disappointment and the turmoil caused by his brother's tragic drug addiction, in Punch-Out!! for the Wii, you do get to play as a white guy (Little Mac) who beats up cartoonish characters based on harmful, racist stereotypes. No game is truer to both the spirit of Boston and professional boxing.

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Death to Spammers!

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Posted September 1, 2010 - By Webmaster

Hello friends.

Over the past few weeks, our lovable, huggable little site seems to have developed a bit of a comment spam problem. Please know that we are very aware of it and are working hard behind the scenes to make it more difficult for these worthless piles of human filth to peddle their knock-off handbags and other garbage.

Please use the "report" link under their stupid, spammy comments. It helps more than you can know. Thanks for the help, and please, have a nice day.



A Conversation About Discourse: Let's Have OneAfter reading the many heated comments on both the Metroid: The Other M Review and the Talkabout for the same game over the weekend, it seems clear that we should all have a quick conversation about appropriate discourse on G4tv.com.  We have a few simple rules, designed to make the site an awesome place to celebrate and discuss games, the people that make them and (most importantly) the people that play them (that's you and me).  As always, reviews are intended as guides for your video game purchases, and after reading one, you should be better informed as to whether or not you want to pick up the game. Sometimes you'll disagree with our reviewer. That's ok. Read several reviews. Talk to your friends. Make your own decisions and opinions and feel free to share them.
We knew the Metroid review would be a hot topic, and everyone is welcome to and strongly encouraged to have their own opinion (though how someone can complain about a review score for an unreleased game that very few of you could have possibly played is beyond us), but the amount of mean-spirited, hateful commentary offended me as a human being.  So here's the deal:

  1. Don't be an asshole. Seems simple, but behind the anonymity of the internet, folks just seem to forget how to be decent.
  2. Don't bash or flame the editors or each other.  There is zero tolerance for hate speech. Think before you speak or be banned.
  3. Understand and appreciate that different people have different opinions, and that's totally ok. If you're looking for a games site that you agree with 100% of the time, G4tv.com is probably not the place for you. We have many very talented editors and hosts that come from a variety of backgrounds. Their (and your) varied opinions are something we want to celebrate here.
  4. Don't be an asshole. It's worth saying again.

We're going to go through and clean up the comments on the Metroid: The Other M Review and Talkabouts post. I apologize to anyone offended or embarrassed by the user commentary on those pages. Sometimes people suck.

I look forward to discussing this further with you all in the comments below.  You can also email me directly at webmaster@g4tv.com.

Feedback Will be Posted TomorrowDearest Feedback Nerds,

Feedback will go up tomorrow, hopefully by 3PM ET.  We are very sorry for the delay. Please know that I've personally pummelled the responsible parties to within an inch of their lives for this horrible transgression. I can assure you that The Feedback Audio Oompa Loompas will not make this mistake again.

In all seriousness we appreciate your continued support and understanding. We're constantly striving to make Feedback more awesomer, and occasionally said striving leads to technical issues... which we have since sorted out.

In the meantime, please enjoy all of the epic Gamescom content the Germany away team is sending back.  There will be a ton more trailers, previews, exclusive interviews and schnitzel this week and next.  And if they don't come back with photos of Jake Gaskill in lederhosen, someone will be getting fired.



We haven't forgotten about you, #AskG4 is back ! For those unfamiliar with #AskG4 we asked you to pose G4-related questions to us on Twitter with the inclusion of the hashtag #AskG4.   You did, and we're grateful. Below, you'll find answers, all of which are true to the best of our knowledge.
IanBply1 asks What are the weapons in the teddy bear killing game?
G4: You must be talking about Naughty Bear. In Naughty Bear you play as Naughty, a teddy bear that hasn't been invited to another bear's birthday party. Naughty gets angry and he takes out his aggressions with an assortment of different weapons.
Some weapons include:
  • baseball bat
  • stick
  • leg of meat
  • axe
  • machete
  • samurai sword
  • bigger axe
  • magnum
  • uzi
  • your fists
...just to name a few.

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We haven't forgotten about you, #AskG4 is back ! For those unfamiliar with #AskG4 we asked you to pose G4-related questions to us on Twitter with the inclusion of the hashtag #AskG4.   You did, and we're grateful. Below, you'll find answers, all of which are true to the best of our knowledge.

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Because we are in a sharing mood, we asked you to pose G4-related questions to us by visiting #AskG4 on Twitter.   You did, and we're grateful. Below, you'll find answers, all of which are true to the best of our knowledge.
pdoughtyIV asks Can you give me the rundown of the E3 schedule? More specifically, when Nintendo's press conference is?
G4: You're in for a treat. G4 will be covering E3 the entire week. We're talking about 25 hours of coverage on air and more content than you can shake a stick at on g4tv.com. If all the stick shaking doesn't tire you out then make sure you watch Nintendo's conference on Tuesday at 9am PT. That's noon for all you east-coasters. You can get all the information you need at the press conferences page.

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Because we are open and honest individuals, we asked you to pose G4-related questions to us by visiting #AskG4 onTwitter. Thanks for the ton of questions you've sent. Below, you'll find answers to five representative queries, all of which are true to the best of our knowledge.

Allyourdave asks #AskG4 If you could have one game company release any game you requested, what would it be?

G4: More than anything we like to see interesting new IPs. The games that have gotten people the most excited around here are game changers like LittleBigPlanet and the first Gears Of War. But if we had to pick a game, then we would want BioWare to make an RPG based on the Zelda series. Nintendo waters down their RPGS whereas BioWare excels at fleshing out an RPG into a 80 hour game. It would be Zelda but for a more mature gamer.

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Attention Feed Readers: We've now made it easier for you to share your G4tv.com commenting briliiance with all of your real and imaginary Facebook friends.

Through the magic of the internet (and the Facebook API) you can easily log-in to G4tv.com via your Facebook credentials and post links to your G4tv.com comments onto your Facebook wall. We'll be adding this feature to other parts of the site (rating games and videos, Attack of the Blog comments, etc), but started with TheFeed because -- well -- you're special and we love you.

Simply choose the "login with Facebook" button in the log-in pop-up or check the "post to Facebook" box in the comments area to get started. Once you've linked your existing Facebook and G4tv.com accounts you can control the settings by clicking on the "edit profile" link at the top of any page.

As always send comments, complaints and naked pictures of your girlfriend to webmaster@g4tv.com


I get a lot of email.  And as any of you that have ever emailed me know, I personally respond to almost all of it.  Most of the email is spam and crap.  Some of it is mildly amusing. And I still occasionally get angry emails about how we ate Leo Laporte (he was delicious, BTW).

Every once in awhile I receive something brilliant, like the email below. I'm challenging YOU Feed readers to help prove/ disprove his hologram concept.  Either way I'm sending him all the swag I can find.  You have to respect anything that involves a diagram made in MS Paint.

Dear Webmaster,

I think I have an idea for a hologram!! My science teacher isn't actually into science, so she won't really work with me. :(

I thought that the webmaster  would know a thing or two, or at least enough to tell me it wouldn't work, or that it is a waste of time and effort, or maybe make it so ridiculously funny it can't be seriously considered.

It goes like this:

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Dear Internet Website Visitor,

If you're visiting this website using Internet Explorer 6, this message is for you. If not, please move along.

G4tv.com and all of the awesome future iterations we have planned for it/ you are best experienced using a modern web browser.  IE6 is not a modern web browser, and we're no longer going to support it.  

Don't panic though, as updating your browser is free, easy and mostly painless. And you'll have the added benefit of making your Internet browsing more secure. And you'll contribute to peace on earth.

Ok Mr. Webmaster Guy, now what do I do?

Well, you can simply upgrade from IE6 to IE8. If that's how you choose to roll, click here to download IE8.  Microsoft will guide you through the rest from that page.

If you don't want IE8, can't upgrade or just want to try a new experience then you should try either Firefox 3 or Google Chrome.

If you have any questions, require and additional assistance or just need a hug, you can email me or post in this forum thread.

UPDATE:  Just to be totally clear for those of you who visit the site from work/ computers you cannot update - G4tv.com will still work in IE6 - you'll still be able to read the blogs, rant on the forums, watch videos, etc.  It just might not look as pretty or function exactly as intended.

Thanks for your continued support of G4tv.com - we have some really cool stuff coming up on the site that I hope/ think you'll love... 

Wii Play

Nintendo wants you to know that Wii Play has sold over 10 million copies in the U.S. since it launched February 2007. They are, rightly, very proud.

Consider that for a minute. Wii Play, a collection of mini-games that might keep a "real" gamer amused for a couple hours, tops, has sold more copies than Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, Bioshock, Gears of War, and every "core" game ever created. Amazing!

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As all good gamers already know, Think Services' annual Game Developers Conference is being held next week. The con is the largest gathering of professionals dedicated to furthering the art and science of digital entertainment. But sadly, it's closed to the public. But G4 is happy to escort you behind the velvet ropes! That's right, we're once again taking fans inside The GDC!

Starting Monday, March 23, G4TV.com will feature extensive around-the-clock coverage from the conference. Viewers can tune-in to X-Play starting Wednesday, March 25 at 6:30pm ET/PT for three consecutive nights of GDC madness, where X-Play host and editor-in-chief Adam Sessler will take viewers inside this “gamer’s paradise," with looks at everything on the show floor and interviews with video game luminaries. 

G4 is also the only place on television where fans can see the 9th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards in a half-hour special airing Friday, April 10 at 6:30PM ET/PT. 

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The Webmaster Hates You, Loves His Job

As you probably already know, G4's Webmaster hates you. But he doesn't hate his job. He loves his job. Not only does his job get him chicks, a slow Friday workday will often result in a company-wide, nerd-riffic email chain of ultimate win.

Today's subject:

Courtney K: Do light-sabers work underwater? Inquiring (nerd) minds want to know.

Matt K: Nerd thrusters are go.

Generally, no. If water gets into a non-waterproof saber and it isn’t allowed to dry out, it will short out when activated. This originally was supposed to happen to Obi-Wan in Episode 1, which is why Liam Neeson has to save his ass when he comes running into the scene being chased by the droid on the STAP. But the scene where Neeson lectures him about it was cut. After this incident, Obi-Wan waterproofed his saber, which is why he doesn’t have a problem with it fighting Jango Fett in the rain in Episode 2.

Some stories indicate that sabers will short out if the blade even touches liquid, but this is generally ignored because it implies that the best weapon against a Jedi is a bucket of water. It is possible to make a saber that can be used fully underwater. Kitt Fisto is of an amphibious alien race and uses a specially designed saber that could be used for underwater combat.

Courtney K: Therefore, Wonder Twin Zan > Jedi.

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