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Posted December 28, 2011 - By juster

Each year, almost without fail, there is a recurring trend you see in games. A few years ago it was lens flare. After that came co-op. Last year it was zombies. This year, without question, it is the inclusion of dubstep to trailers. 

So we went ahead and dubstepped the rest of the games. Enjoy.

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It's a slow week. Go ahead and watch more G4tv.Comedy videos.

G4 Films Epictober Film Festival Logo

We (the royal "G4" we) are proud to announce something special coming up for you in a few weeks: The G4 Films Epictober Film Festival. If you've been playing along at home you've seen us bring you two excellent, videogame-related films this year: 'FOCUS' and 'Against the Wall'. Well we're not quite done yet, as we're going to be bringing you three more (short) films the week of October 24th as part of this year's Epictober celebration.

We've somehow managed to rope in former G4tv.com Creative Director and current hot-as-sh*t Hollywood Director Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom, Chillerama, Wrong Turn 2) to oversee the three films and he, in turn, has roped in three excellent horror directors. As we approach Halloween, this trifecta of terror will take on films inspired by Angry Birds, Mario Kart and Duck Hunt produced specifically for your enjoyment.

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Next Monday, we'll be releasing out latest installment of G4 Films Against the Wall. The film, directed by David Capurso and written by Jeff Haber is a short film that takes place in a futuristic city, where a man and his girlfriend break into an abandoned hi-tech game park. The trailer for Against the Wall is below, and the film itself will be available on TheFeed this coming Monday morning.

Against The Wall Movie Trailer »

If you missed the first G4 Films endeavor FOCUS, a documentary on fighting game professional player Mike Ross, I implore you to take an hour and change to watch it right now. It is super awesome. More to come. Stay tuned.

Introducing G4 Films

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Posted July 26, 2011 - By juster

Dearest Nerds,

One of the upsides of working on an internet website (as opposed to TV, radio or a magazine) is that there are endless opportunities to try new things. Some work, some don't, but either way we get to have fun and it's generally not too expensive when you f**k up. The worst that happens is some anonymous troll says mean things about you in the comments section. I've been at G4 for a decade, thick skin goes along with the territory.

With that in mind, we're going to bring you something new tomorrow: the first installment of G4 Films. Over the next few months (and potentially beyond) we're going to find, develop, produce and license full and short films that are related to the passion we all share… video games.

Tomorrow's film, FOCUS, is a full-length documentary highlighting a year-in-the-life of pro gamer and all around nice guy Mike Ross as he prepares for and competes in EVO 2010. Whether you're into the scene or haven't dropped a quarter in a Street Fighter II machine in years we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

We'll have a couple more films over the course of the summer, culminating in something extra-special in October as part of our now-annual EPICTOBER event (a month's worth of kick-ass exclusives and stunts on G4tv.com, AOTS and X-Play). A trailer for FOCUS is below, check back tomorrow morning to watch the whole thing. And don't forget that G4tv.com's coverage of EVO 2011 starts Friday with livestream coverage from the biggest matches, interviews, special episodes of Fighting Words and more. And the fine folks of X-Play will be shooting a special episode at EVO 2011 set to air in a few weeks.

FOCUS Movie Trailer »

Ryan Dunn Dies Tragically in Crash

All of us at G4 are shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news that Ryan Dunn has passed away.  Ryan’s comedic wit and signature no-holds-barred approach made him an incredible talent and his work as host of G4’s Proving Ground was flawless. 

Ryan will be missed dearly by his legion of fans and we extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.

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The madness of E3 begins in mere hours (it all starts with the Microsoft press conference live stream Monday at 12:30pm ET), so here's a tiny bit of non-E3 related awesomeness to get you through your Sunday.

The Best iPhone Lock Screen You'll See Today

Via Reddit


Watch this kid get edumacated on why you don't start fights above your weight-class:


Source: reddit

video game girls burlesque

Remember a few months ago when I asked you all for character suggestions for a potential videogame-themed burlesque show?  That was awesome right?  Its about to get more awesome as Video Game Girls Burlesque is getting set to hit the mean streets of LA Saturday May 9th.

I'm not quite ready to reveal which characters will be "featured" at the show, but some of the suggestions YOU made definitely made the final cut.  And if somehow we didn't have you at "video game + girls + burlesque", Jason Payne and Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb will be providing a live, classic video game soundtrack for the entire event.

If you can't make the show don't fret (do people still fret?), TheFeed will bring you coverage in glorious high defination internet video. 

Video Game Girls Burlesque will take place Saturday May 9th 9pm - 2am at Bordello just east of downtown.

Thanks, and you're welcome :)

And now, the fix of Incredible-German-Beatboxing-Kid-Internet-video that you didn't even know that you needed:



So I have a good friend  that puts on themed burlesque shows here in Los Angeles.  Past shows have included comic book and circus freak themes, next up is Alice in Wonderland. Each that I've seen has been entirely epic and totally awesome.  To answer the question rattling around in your head(s) - its not full nude (they wear pasties) and the show always straddles the perfect line between classy, hot and super cool.

Last week I put a bug in her ear about doing a video game themed show - frankly its something I'd want to see, and figured I could exploit it for this here fancy internet website.

She's all about it, and wanted suggestions as to who'd be the best characters for something like this.  You can probably see where I'm going with this.  I want to know which video game characters you'd want to see in an epic, classy burlesque show.  Leave your suggestions in the comments... I'll pool them all together and we'll go from there.

I will let you all know when this is going down, and if you can't make it to Los Angeles that weekend, you can count on TheFeed to be there, shoot it in glorious high-def and bring you all sorts of photos. We're good like that.

You can find some inspiration in our old Video Game Vixens photo gallery, or pretty much anywhere on the internet.

Ready? GO!

Sometime late Friday/ early Saturday morning, Google flagged the ENTIRE internet as malware.  Had you been awake and Googled anything during this time FROM ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET, every result would have included a link that said "This site may harm your computer".

Everything appears to be back to normal now, so feel free to go back to Google image searching all of the tentatcle porn you can eat again, just make sure your Mom doesn't walk in on you again.  That last time was AWKWARD.



The story of the Star Wars Trilogy, as told by a woman who has never seen the films.  Its still way better than the prequels.



I'll admit it... based off of the date (2007) and the amount of views (8.5M) this might be pretty old, and many of you may have already seen it... I hadn't so its getting posted right here, right now.

This kid is an AMAZING drummer, his foot work on the double bass pedals is outstanding. And its all to Super Mario.  EPIC WIN. 


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This is a bit old (2006), but just popped up on Vimeo in HD and is worth (re)watching.  Its not the least bit video game related, but I think you'll agree on its general awesomosity. 

Ten Thousand Pictures of You from Robin King on Vimeo.


Its Thursday night. You're sitting at home, having just finished watching G4's EPIC 3 hour coverage of CES 2009 Day 1 wondering to yourself "Self, what am i going to do now?".  Don't worry, we have just the thing.... a totally EXCLUSIVE live streaming event featuring Kevin Pereira, Chris Hardwick and Natali del Conte. 

G4's Best of the Best of CES 2009 presentation starts in a few minutes (right around 9:45pm ET).  Come watch the magic unfold live as our three intrepid geeks pick and discuss the best mainstream, media and crazy technology from CES 2009.

If you've you reading this after the fact, don't fret - an archived version is available at the same fancy internet webpage.



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