Like the rapid deployment of a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, the original soundtrack album for Halo Wars has made a pre-emptive strike, releasing a couple weeks before the actual game. This is also the first Halo soundtrack that's not done by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori. Some game music fans may be concerned that the “Halo Sound” isn’t there. If your Spartan helmet has headphones, put it on and listen up.

Composer Stephen Rippy has previously done music for Ensemble’s Age of Empires III and Age of Mythology games. With Halo Wars, Rippy has successfully captured the spirit of what Halo music is expected to sound like, while adding his own touches. The result is a very listenable soundtrack album that has more than earned itself and its composer a place in the Halo pantheon.

Something I have noticed in the comments of reviews past is that many of you will put on a game as a must have. When spun from start to finish, the album plays incredibly well. There are the familiar Halo moments, punctuated with quieter, ambient passages, followed closely by more robust bursts of orchestra. Where as many soundtrack albums (game, movie or otherwise) sometimes suffer as listening experiences based on their running order, Halo Wars feels like the album was intentionally put together to give the listener a true and complete audio narrative.

Sumthing Else Music continues to lead the way as top publishers of domestic soundtrack releases with Halo Wars. The two disc set features 25 songs from the game on disc one, along with a DVD featuring videos, bonus tracks and nine of the game’s key music sequences mixed in 5.1 surround sound. Look, if you are a Halo completist, you probably got your hands on a copy of this disc before I did. If you love the game when it drops, then you should add this to your sonic arsenal. If you still aren’t convinced, then check out both Sumthing and Stephen Rippy’s sites for some free downloadable samples.

--Rick “Drives a Flame-sided Warthog” Damigella

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the official soundtrack album for Gears of War 2 has been unleashed onto the gaming public. Of course the music fits the game like a well placed torque bow arrow into the unsuspecting backside of your enemy, but how does it play when enjoyed away from the game? Saddle up your Brumak and read on.

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That is but one of the more cleverly named titles of the music included on the official soundtrack for EA’s Dead Space. Available for download from both Amazon and iTunes, the game’s official soundtrack album packs in a frightening amount of music from the space-based horror shoot-em-up. But how does it hold up when listened to away from the game? Fast forward through the jump for more.

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Alright, so maybe we shouldn’t start off a game soundtrack review with re-opening the whole “Vikings are better than (fill in the blank) debate, but, let’s face it, the truth is, Vikings rule. While the game Viking: Battle for Asgard came out earlier this year, its accompanying soundtrack album only recently dropped. Is it worth a listen, even if you didn’t play the game? Grab your horned helmet and read on.

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G4 got its hands on one of the very first copies of Video Games Live Volume 1, the debut album based on the best-selling concert tour of orchestral performances of videogame music. And let me tell you friends, if you are a fan of game music, this disc is an absolute must-have.

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So Unreal Tournament III came out late last year for the Playstation 3 and PC and has finally made its way onto the Xbox 360. Sumthing Else Music, who published the soundtrack album for the game, sent me a copy of the two-disc set a while back for review. Well since I was planning on playing the game on the 360, I decided to wait to spin the album till the game dropped. Well friends, that was big old “mai bad” right there.

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Games and metal have collided, friends, and no, I am not talking about Guitar Hero XXI or a portalable version of Rock Band (though that could be cool in a drunken karaoke kind of way). But as G4 broke to you back in March, Powerglove scored the biggest coup that a band who plays only video game theme covers could get; an opening slot for Dragonforce!

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It is a rare thing, but some of the best video game soundtracks work equally well if not better when listened to on their own, away from the imagery for which they were composed. Such is the case with Alone in the Dark’s soundtrack album, just released by Milan Records. No matter what the reviews of the game say,  composer Olivier Deriviere has created an engaging and original soundtrack to go along with the survival horror game.

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Welcome to TheFeed's weekly wrap-up of all the important goings-on this week in the world of popular culture, videogames and technology.

It was a big week for us here at G4. We won a Webby! We got our hands on an early draft of Indiana Jones IV and reviewed it for ya. We waited in line for Metal Gear, ate Gummy Bacon, made fun of fanboys and called people on our iPhones to tell them about the new 3G iPhones that are coming.

We also created the following awesome video entertainment for ya.

  • Fresh Ink: Blair clues you in on Skaar: Son of Hulk, The Goon, Red Mass For Mars, the last issue of Local, and a sexy catfight in Batman Confidential.
  • Freestlyle 101 : Meeno and Dame Grease chop it up.
  • Sessler's Soapbox: Sessler calls out Xbox bigots.
  • The MMO Report: Casey is back and in rare form.
  • Geek Out: We interviewed Earhtworm Jim creator Doug TenNaple.

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Hey, Rockers.As promised, here's part two of our Grand theft Auto IV Soundtrack review! Today we'll be listening in on Vladivostok FM.

After playing GTA IV for a month (and doing so intentionally slowly) I am at 50% completion and one thing that has never changed on the in-game stat list is my favorite radio station, Vladivostok FM. From the moment I put in the game I became infatuated with the sounds of Russian and Eastern European pop music. There is just something weird and cool about hearing Russian gangsta rap and Eastern European pop princesses belting out anthems in their native tongue.

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Here's what went down today in the world of videogames, popular culture, and technology!

  • May saw gaming sales up 37% overall, and the PlayStation 3 outsold the 360.
  • Where does McCain stand on videogames?
  • TurboNegro announced Rock Band 2.
  • Age of Conan is getting a big overhaul.
  • Nintendo is really sorry for calling you a nerd.
  • According to reports, Sony is developing a 'break-apart' controller for the PS3.
  • Is Microsoft going to announce a price-cut at E3?
  • The Pixies' Doolittle is coming to Rock Band.
  • Rock Band rockers are in for a treat next week: Avenged Sevenfold, Offspring and Crooked X tracks are coming!
  • A new Fresh Ink is yours to enjoy.
  • Rumor of the day on the internet: Search giant Google is just about to buy Web 2.0 aggregation site digg.com.
  • Nintendo is suing third-party peripheral maker Nyko over their version of a Wii controller, the Kama Nunchuk.

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G4 recently sat down with legendary videogame creator Doug TenNapel.

Doug gave us a treat by taking us on a trip down memory lane with Earthworm Jim one and two, then gave us a some insight to Jim's next big adventure on the next-gen systems. He also gave us a look at his newest graphic novel Monster Zoo and let us in on his Movie deal with Sam Raimi. ..but wait! there's more TenNapel than you can shake a worm with...Doug's just sent us the link to his new project, SOCK BABY...check it out here!

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--Ernie Moreno

Ok, hands up. No, this is not a car-jacking, this is an informal poll. Who plunked down the extra bones for the super deluxe kick-ass limited edition of Grand Theft Auto IV? Yep, me too. Now granted, the real reason to get this version was the replica safety deposit box the game came packed in, but Rockstar, being the rock stars that they are, saw fit to include a CD called “The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV” inside too.

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If you missed Attack of the Show on Friday, you missed Apple founder Steve Wozniak as the official AOTS sidekick! Check it out:

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'Warcraft' Rick-Roll


Posted April 15, 2008 - By Rick Damigella

No one is safe from the Rick Roll. Anywhere!

We have no idea who to source this to, but if you do, let us know in our comment section.

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