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One of the things you’ll first notice when you lay eyes on the Deathstalker Ultimate from Razer is the additional Switchblade interface that adorns the right side of the keyboard. The Switchblade UI replaces the number pad area of most keyboards with 10 dynamic display programmable keys, a Synaptics touch sensitive LCD screen, and right & left mouse buttons at the bottom. For the LCD touchscreen Razer has released a freely available SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows developers to make dynamic and reactive applications that will display in the screen area of the keyboard. You might initially think that this is the only thing that sets the Deathstalker apart from its peers and fortunately you’d be wrong.

The Deathstalker Ultimate has a whole host of recognizable Razer features and a few new add-ons that are sure to be welcomed by gaming enthusiasts. For those who have other Razer products you’ll instantly notice the braided cables, backlighting, and triple snake branding. Some of the newer features include a fixed wrist rest with a rubberized inlay, tri-color LED backlighting, fully customizable keysets, five additional macro keys, 10 key anti-ghosting technology, and an onboard macro recording interface.

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Razer Tiamat 7.1 Headphone Review -- Tech Junkies

The Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog headphones were introduced into a wide field of headsets that offer surround sound for computer or console entertainment. Accurate directional sound usually isn’t well produced with less than 5 individual speakers. The Tiamat 7.1 has 5 in each ear cup bringing the number of discreet speakers to a total of 10. A stereo pair can produce good music but attempt to position some sound anywhere around the user’s head and you begin to see the limitations of just two speakers.

Those deficiencies become more evident when headphones use software that attempts to fill in the blanks with spatial distortion. So if we were talking about just the number of speakers used to represent space around the user then the Tiamat already succeeds where other surround sound sets have failed. There is more to these headphones though than the initial specs though.

It’s got a pretty face to go with its laundry list of features.

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Tech Junkies -- Razer Mamba Mouse

The Razer Mamba mouse is a utilitarian wireless mouse with flashy packaging, a host of special features, and excellent battery life. While not being ambidextrous it fits well in a wide range of hand sizes and is designed after some of Razer's most successful mice. As with most of their new mice, the Mamba can be used both wirelessly and also in a wired mode if you suddenly find yourself running short on juice.

This time Razer has removed the wireless/wired mode switch leaving the bottom of the mouse clear of any extra or unneeded buttons. If you want to charge your mouse just place it gingerly on the base. I didn’t find myself having to charge as often as when using the Naga Epic though so it has exceptional battery life.

As mentioned there are a two buttons on the bottom of the mouse. A power slider makes sure that if you’re traveling with the Mamba it isn’t waking itself up with every time you take a step or hit a bump in the road. There’s also a connect button which will allow you to sync the mouse to the base, but this is usually only needed once when setting the mouse up for the first time. On the side of the Mamba are three red/green LED diodes that note battery level and optical sensitivity. Using the two extra buttons at the top left of the mouse allowed me to change sensitivity on the fly and I could immediately see which level I was at by watching the LED diodes go up or down.

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Tech Junkies -- Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard And Razer Mamba Mouse

The Razer BlackWidow keyboard line has now gone through 2 iterations and almost 7 separate models. While it is the only mechanical keyboard that Razer currently offers, it’s also one of the most well made out of their entire line. Some of the changes to the 2012 version include an expanded anti-ghosting set of keys, faster polling rate, and a branded upgrade to the back lighting.

Let's start with ghosting. When you press multiple keys at the same time on a standard keyboard, the computer can read only one key at a time. You can try it on almost any keyboard and see the limitations right away. Hold down two keys, only one survives. During gaming you might be strafing in a first person shooter using WSAD or queuing actions on the number keys in World of Warcraft.

The most extreme example is of course when a player is participating in a RTS game like StarCraft where the number of key inputs per second can often overlap one another. In these situations you will press multiple keys at the same time. The anti-ghosting technology has been extended to 10 simultaneous key presses, which means the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate can discern between 10 individual fingers/keys when you've got them all pressed down at the same instance.

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