Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC Achievement Guide - It's Not What I Want, It's What I Can Give You

Skyrim's new DLC Dragonborn will not disappoint all the achievement junkies out there. Bethesda added ten new achievements for a total of 250 Gamerscore and they’re just waiting for you to grab 'em. But what are they? And how do you get them? To help you focus your Solstheim experience I put together a little guide to Skyrim's new Dragonborn Achievements. Check it out:

Outlander - 20G, Arrive on Solstheim. Really simple one - just make the trip to Solstheim. Boom, easy points.

The Temple of Miraak - 20G, Complete the Temple of Miraak quest.

The Path of Knowledge - 20G, Complete the Path of Knowledge quest.

At the Summit of Apocrypha - 40G, Complete At the Summit of Apocrypha. These three are all major quests in the DLC. Just run the main story and there you go.

Dragon Aspect - 20G, Learn all 3 Words of Dragon Aspect. One of the new shouts they added, which lets you deal some major damage with the power of a Dragon. The words are scattered around Solstheim. Two of the Words you get in the story. I found the other one in Bloodskal Barrow/Raven Rock Mine.

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Skyrim: Dragonborn Launch Guide - Welcome to Solstheim!

Skyrim may be the largest game out there, but it got even bigger this week with the release of Dragonborn, the third DLC pack from Bethesda. While this summer's Dawnguard added a few new features and locations, Dragonborn really kicks it up a notch. Your journey will take you out of the land of Skyrim entirely, to the island of Solstheim off the coast of Morrowind. Long term Elder Scrolls fans who played Morrowind might recognize a few land marks and items, as well as some lore elements in Dragonborn.

The main storyline of Dragonborn involves your character being approached by followers of Miraak - the First Dragonborn. Once you've been approached by them, and found out where they came from, you'll book passage to Solstheim and begin your journey. Once there, you'll quickly discover something is a little off about Miraak, and that's really where the main quest line kicks off. Of course, in traditional Skyrim fashion, you can totally ignore that quest and explore the island first. In fact I recommend doing just that, at least for a few hours. You'll find a number of the new features added in with the Expansion right near Raven Rock.

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Borderlands 2 Commando Guide -- Axton Brings Out The Big Guns

Much like Roland in the original, Axton brings a deployable turret to the fight, but his skill trees let you develop him in a couple different ways. While Maya and Zer0 may be best built striking quickly then moving, Axton and Salvador are both built to be right on the front line, and their abilities help there.

Let’s take a look at Axton's skill trees - Guerilla, Gunpowder and Survival. After that, I'll provide some ideas on how you should build him.

Axton's Action Skill - Sabre Turret. Axton's turret has a full 360-degree rotation, and the ability to add rockets, multiple turrets, and other upgrades that will make your turret almost as good as a fifth party member. Not only will enemies also attack the turret, they'll be taking damage from it, which can give you a moment's pause to heal, reload or whatever else needs doing. The one major downside is that the turret has a pretty long cooldown, 48 seconds.

To make the turret even stronger, take a look at the skills from his three trees - Guerilla, Gunpowder and Survival.

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Borderlands 2 Assassin Guide -- Going From Zer0 To Hero

Borderlands 2's Assassin, Zer0 offers a little different playstyle than Mordecai did in the original game. Using his Deception Action Skill, Zer0 tosses out a holgraphic decoy then turns invisible, allowing for some major sneak attacks or to get away from a bad situation. In your four-player party, Zer0 is definitely going to be your stealth and sniper character in Borderlands 2. Plus, he has a badass sword. How can you go wrong with that?

Let's look through Zer0's three Skill Trees - Sniping, Cunning and Bloodshed. Then after that, I'll offer up how I think Zer0 should be built for maximum effectiveness.

Zer0's Action Skill: Decepti0n - With Zer0's Action Skill, he tosses out a holographic decoy of himself, then turns himself invisible. While he's invisible, his next attack will do extra damage. Just be careful around explosions since he's still able to take damage while invisible. Decepti0n has a unique way of handling the damage boost, as well as the cooldown - the longer you're cloaked, the more damage you'll do; but the shorter you cloak, the shorter the cooldown. The base cooldown on Decepti0n is 15 seconds, and the initial damage boosts are +650% Melee Damage or +200% Gun Damage and +250% Gun Critical Hit Damage.

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Borderlands 2 Enemy Preview -- Meet The Monsters

Borderlands 2's resident Tank Salvador takes the Berzerker role from the original and kicks it up a notch by adding Dual-Wielding weapons. The new game follows a similar skill progression system to the original, with three different skill trees, each focused on building a different aspect of your character.

Most of the individual skills have multiple levels that stack the improvements if you take the skill multiple times. Underneath the Gunzerker Action Skill, Salvador has the Gun Lust, Rampage, and Brawn skill trees.

To make sure you get the most out of Salvador's Gunzerking power, use these pointers to help you build a better berserker in Borderlands 2.

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borderlands 2

The Borderlands 2 Siren classes offer one of the most unique player characters out there today.

Maya brings a little bit different skills to the table than her predecessor Lilith did, but provides a somewhat similar role. Our new siren in Borderlands 2 brings the Phaselock skill to battle, which lets her freeze enemies in place and makes them easy targets for your team to focus. Make proper use of her abilities using skills from her three trees - Motion, Harmony and Cataclysm - and she'll be your crowd control expert in no time.

We're here to walk you through Maya's skill tree and help you create the most powerful Siren on Pandora.

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Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Fall of Cybertron was just released and it has one of the best implementation of Horde Mode out there in Escalation. In order to help you clear all 15 waves on each map, I dove head first into it to find a few tricks to help you out. There's More Than Meets the Eye to this game mode.

The very first thing you're going to want is a full team of four people. Unlike other Horde Mode variants in other games, you really can't solo a full 15 waves in Fall of Cybertron, even on Easy. Each map has four unique transformers, each one designed to fill a particular role in combat.

In order to beat all 15 waves, each person should use their abilities properly. Keep your medics protected, have your ammo supplier in a central location, and use your sentry and tank to help absorb damage. Escalation is really built around teamwork, like most Horde Modes are, and lone wolves are really going to have a tough time making it work.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Op Map Guide -- Taking On Vertigo

Just like most of the previous Modern Warfare 3 Elite Content drops, the July update adds a new Spec Ops mission. Vertigo takes place on the Oasis hotel, which if you've played through the campaign, you'll recognize it from the end of the game.

For this mission, you're tasked with shooting down helicopters, parachuting off of the tower, then running across a bridge. Sounds simple and straightforward, and it ultimately is, but your difficulty level can make it a little more complicated. And as with the other Elite Spec Ops, there are a few achievements tied to this one. I'll offer up some advice for you, so you too can take care of business.

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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Season rolls along today with the latest Elite content drop. Elite Premium subscribers can download the July content drop right now, which contains two new multiplayer maps as well as a new Spec Ops mission. They can also pick up the new free-for-everybody map, Terminal, a day early.

To help you get a leg up on the competition, I've run through the maps and am here to pass on my tips and tricks to you. Just don't use them against me online, okay?

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Terminal Map Release Date


There's a reason this map is free for everyone - it's a classic, fan favorite MW2 map. The map itself hasn't changed one bit really, just a few cosmetic changes to bring it up to the MW3 style. All the old sight lines are there, along with the same chokepoints as well. Look out for people in the plane, both the nose and tail. On top of the control tower still is a prime spot for people to look out over, but you don't have any vertical cover.

Burger Town remains camp-able, but is easier to shoot through certain portions of the wall now. Ultimately, keep on the move on this map to avoid being spawn trapped. You'll be able to get behind campers pretty easily, especially using a solid Assassin class.

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Modern Warfare 3 Content Arrives For Call Of Duty Elite Subscribers

This summer, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 added a new way to play online for smaller groups and individuals: Face-Off. This new mode adds in three different ways to play: 1V1, 2V2, or 3V3. You're not limited to simply Team Deathmatch in these lobbies either; Kill Confirmed is built into the playlist online, Search and Destroy was tested in it, and Domination will appear sometime in the future.

To compensate for the smaller play numbers, Infinity Ward has released a total of seven maps specific to this game mode, however, all seven are currently only available on the Xbox 360 Elite members; PS3 players have four maps, and PC players only have the two free maps.

These new maps may be a little bit smaller than the normal maps, but there's still plenty going on in them to allow for a number of different playstyles. I'll be sure to point out a few of the important parts throughout the course of this guide.


Face-Off strips Call of Duty down to the bare essentials. It's just you and a teammate or two versus the enemy. Killstreaks are still in play, but with a smaller source of kills, getting the higher streaks becomes unlikely. Build your classes around short fights; it's likely you will die relatively quick. Snipers and LMG's aren't as super effective as the Assault Rifles and Sub Machine Guns will be in these situations.

Assassin is a key perk for the second slot to protect you from UAV's and Counter UAV's. Build your streaks around quickness and keep them short. UAV, Counter, Care Package, and Sentry will be your best bets in the perk department.

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Skyrim: Dawnguard

Besides adding a ton of new weapons, items, quests, and shouts; Dawnguard adds in a whole new slew of people, places, and creatures to Skyrim. With so many new places to get lost in and names to remember, you would practically need a guide just to keep it all together.

We thought we'd give you all a little primer before you go exploring.

New People:

Durak the Orc -- When you first encounter the Dawnguard, Durak will seek you out, a skirmish will break out with new Vampires, and he'll tell you about the vampire hunters. Ask him about them, and he'll point you in the direction of Fort Dawnguard.

Galathil -- You can find her in the Ragged Flagon in the Ratway beneath Riften. Give her 1000 gold, and you can re-edit your character's appearance.

Lord Harkon -- The Leader of the Volkihar Vampires and your ultimate target as a member of the Dawnguard.

Serana -- This lovely lass just happens to be Vampire Lord Harkon's Daughter. You discover she's been locked away for a very, very long time in the quest Awakening.

Isran -- The leader of the Dawnguard in Skyrim. You'll be talking with him quite a bit as a member of the group.

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Skyrim's new expansion, Dawnguard, adds a ton of new content for you to explore, but sometimes you just need a really good weapon. We've already shown you the new Dragon Shouts, the new abilities of Werewolves, and the undead power of Vampire Lords. It’s time for you to hit the forge and find that sharp new thing to stab into the hearts of your enemies. For this guide, we’ve scoured every corner of Dawnguard so you won't have to.

You might want to empty out your pockets before you get started on this guide for new weapons and armor in Dawnguard.

Dawnguard Skyrim

Zephyr -- This unique Dwarven Bow can be found during the "Lost to the Ages" quest in Arkngthamz. It's enchanted with a unique ability to fire 30% faster than normal. It's a solid choice for a middle tier bow, but there's a better unique bow in Dawnguard.

Auriel's Bow -- You get this during the main questline in the Forgotten Vale. Not only is it a pretty strong option for a bow with its fast draw time, but it also does extra damage to undead creatures. You can also equip two different types of unique arrows with it: Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed.

Sunhallowed Elven arrows cause the sun to shoot sunbursts at nearby enemies when you shoot them at the sun. Bloodcursed Elven arrows temporarily blot out the sun for a day if you happen to aim for that big ball of fire in the sky. Both arrow types only perform their special abilities when you use them with Auriel’s Bow. You can get more Sunhallowed arrows from Gelebor in the Forgotten Vale, and Serana gives you Bloodcursed arrows after the questline is over.

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Skyrim: Dawnguard

Skyrim's new DLC Dawnguard adds in not only the Vampire goodness we expected, but also a few new shouts for your Dragonborn to use. For the most part, they're pretty straightforward, closely linked to the questline, but some words are a little tricky. Use this handy guide to go out and learn a few new Words.

Drain Vitality - This new shout will drain Health, Magicka. and Stamina from your target. You will find two words for it in areas that are directly related to the Dawnguard quest line, with the final one in Skyrim itself.

For the first Word, you are likely to find it located in Dimhollow Crypt, which is quest related.

The second Word is tied to a quest area located in the Forgotten Vale, on an island in a Frozen Lake - be prepared for a fight two named dragons for this one though.

The final Word is located at Arcwind Point, which is to the south of Ivarstead and east of Riften.

Durnehviir - After you've battled this undead Dragon in the Soul Cairn, you have a conversation with him. He'll teach you a shout that allows you to call him to your aid in Tamriel. By doing so, you'll also learn the third new Shout through Durnehviir.

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Skyrim: Dawnguard Vampire Lord Perk Guide

Skyrim's new DLC add-on adds a whole new way to play as a member of the Undead - Vampire Lords. Early during the new questline, you're presented to Lord Harkon, the Patriarch of the Volkihar vampires. He gives you the option to become a Vampire Lord like him.

While not transformed, you act just like a normal Vampire as always. For those people not familiar, basically, feeding on people resets your level of Vampirism, and lets you interact easier with NPCs. At more advanced stages of Vampirism, however, you have access to a number of abilities that can come in handy. For a more in depth refresher on the basic Vampire, check out our original Vampire guide.

The meat of the new powers comes when you transform into the Vampire Lord. Much like Werewolves, you zoom out to third person and lose your equipped gear. You have access to a whole new set of powers and abilities, including Blood Magic.

Powers like the ability to turn into a group of bats during a dodge, the power to raise the dead to fight along side you and a spell called Vampiric Drainball - essentially a fireball-like spell that also drains health.

You also will be able to upgrade your powers thanks to the skill tree added. In order to gain skill points you need to kill enemies with the Drain Life power or bite them.

Here are all the new perks you’ll get to play with when you choose to be a Vampire Lord.

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Skyrim: Dawnguard Werewolf

While Skyrim's new expansion Dawnguard is all about vampires and those who hunt them, there is still a place in this conflict for werewolves. While you will be presented with the option to lose your Lycanthropy in favor of Vampirism during the questline, you can refuse and keep your Wolf Form

In terms of gameplay, not a whole lot has changed from plain old Skyrim. Guards and NPCs will still attack you while in beast form, and you still get the 1000 Gold bounty for transforming.

One thing I've noticed is that Beast Form tends to lose its effectiveness past a certain level. My current primary character is level 42, and fighting Draugr Deathlords or a number of high level Vampires doesn't seem to work too well. That's probably because of the Werewolves lack of armor. They still deal some good damage, and run really fast, but I recommend keeping your fights to bandits or similar enemies.

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