Happy St. Patrick's Day - Getting Drunk in Video GamesHappy St. Patrick's Day! Top o' the morning to you all! Instead of writing an in-depth article about the connection of St. Patrick's Day and video games. We decided, just this morning, to talk about video games where you can get drunk. So bask in drunken glory with the below list of alkie-friendly video games.

Disclaimer: G4 does not promote the consumption of alcohol or suggest getting drunk. Remember to always drink in moderation. (hic!)

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G4tv's Jake Gaskill spoke with Philip Straub, Art Director Lord of the Rings: War in the North for a little Q&A. Straub dives into the creative process and "challenges" taken on to create the never before fully imagined environments of Middle Earth. Lord of the Rings enthusiasts should look forward to this gritty representation of Middle Earth that Straub is hoping to accomplish.

Get ready to do battle north of Mordor and fight the war for Middle Earth.


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There are many ways Isaac Clarke can die in Dead Space 2 so we compiled the most gruesome deaths and created a killing montage featuring body dismemberments and extra-special puker deaths. Isaac Clarke will never be the same. EVER!

Dead Space 2 is a horror-survival game that really emphasis the need to survive. Lurking around every corner is just another way to die. Death by getting your limbs chopped off, head cut off, or sucked through the vacuum of space would drive anyone crazy. Isaac Clarke, you are one brave engineer indeed.

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Gran Turismo 5  is the ultimate driving simulator and in this first 15 minutes you can see the closest attention to details in how the cars drive and the way the cars look. GT 5 is a racing game simulator that allows you to drive hundreds of real world cars. The franchise is known for offering cars that are modeled exactly like the real world cars. 

As you are watching this first fifteen minutes you might be asking yourself, "Why is this person such a terrible driver?". Well to answer your quesion, here's a good example for you to not drink and drive. Even when you're driving in a video game.

Don't miss the epic 720 turn at 14:03 in the video. The stunt is crazy!


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