Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Preview Video »

Obviously, logging onto G4TV.com is like stepping into the cockpit of a fighter jet and soaring through skies, blasting away at enemy jets and watching them rain down shrapnel and oil on the cityscape below...Right? Well, okay, fine. It's second only to playing a game of Ace Combat: Assault Horizons, the latest game in the franchise to heighten the action and make you feel like you're truly blazing through the skies. Any better and you'd be flying a fighter jet...which, let's face it, none of us can actually do.

So check out this video to get a sense of what this newest chapter offers to gamers, both online and off. All we can say is this: ready your parachute.

Red Faction: Armageddon Weapons & Aliens Gameplay Preview »

By now, we've spent a fair amount of time on the surface of Mars with Red Faction: Armageddon, playing around in the giant sandbox of weapons and destructible environments that constitutes this kick-ass sequel. We've offered up our early impresssions of the game; we've reveled in the glories of the magnet-gun. But there's still more to reveal and the folks at THQ are only happy to pull back the curtain for us.

Check out this video to get a better sense of what you can expect both above and below the surface of the Great Red Planet. Hint: it involves explosions.

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PixelJunk Shooter 2 Preview: Jonah and the Giant Earthworm

We recently took a subcutaneous journey itnto the belly of a giant, gassy earthworm to continue the story set forth in PixelJunk Shooter, a stylish action-arcade game that is only weeks away from earning a proper sequel. PixelJunk Shooter 2 will debut on March 1, 2011 for the PS3 and add a handful of new single and multiplayer features to keep the dual-stick action at its most engrossing. Empahsis on the gross.

"Shooter 2 opens just moments after the cliffhanger ending of the first game…in the belly of giant worm with some serious digestive issues. Immediatley, players are introduced to the latest iteration of the game’s rather impressive fluid mechanics: corrosive stomach acid. This purple ooze sloshes about in the dips and pockets of the fleshy, pink walls and sprays forth in well timed increments from grotesque, spurting pustules. Get hit and the slime will start to eat through the hull of your ship; get covered enough and your screen will go darker and darker. Either way, you’ll need to find a water source to wash off your ship before you lose your structural integrity altogether."

Enter the acidic depths to explore our PixelJunk Shooter 2 Preview.



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E3 2010: PixelJunk Shooter 2 E3 Trailer »

The folks from PixelJunk were just in our offices here at G4 giving us the latest sneak peek at their first-ever sequel, PixelJunk Shooter 2, when from their tightly sealed lips fell the game's release date! Fans of the first game -- a charming, dual-stick shooter which made ingenious use of liquid animations and boasted a number of smart gameplay challenges -- will be glad to know that they can get their hands on the game on March 1, 2011.

In the meantime, if you simply cannot wait, check back with G4TV.com in a few short hours for our hands-on impressions of the game's single and multiplayer components. Until then, watch out for giant worms!

The moment we thought would never arrive has finally arrived: Duke Nukem Forever is just a few short months from release and we here at G4 have finally gotten our hands on a lengthy demo. And inside a strip club, nonetheless. But is Duke the same ol' Duke we all know and love, or have the years aged him a bit? Read on to find out more...

"So, how did it play? What did it look like? To be truthful, it feels a bit like a well polished last-gen game. If you put this on a screen next to something like Bulletstorm, there wouldn't be any comparison. But with Duke, the fact that the game is coming out at all is remarkable enough to earn it some visual forgiveness. It definitely looks, feels, lives and breathes like a Duke title. Diehard fans of that series won't be disappointed."

Kick some ass, chew some bubble gum and check out our Duke Nukem Forever Preview.


Hands-On With Dragon Age 2

Much has been made about your character's rise to power in Dragon Age 2, gaining renown as his or her adventures progress. But until last week, we hadn't been able to see it first-hand. Until, of course, BioWare showed us a demo of the game in three distinct parts, mapping out examples of how our hero rose from lowly warrior to legendary hero.

"A major concern of many fans of DA: Origins is that Dragon Age 2 will fall victim to the similar streamlining Mass Effect 2 faced. While Mass Effect 2 was certainly a solid game, it did lose several of its core RPG elements. This is not the case with Dragon Age 2. BioWare has managed to to add even more RPG elements. You'll have to decide how you want to play the game, your strategy, how you want to level up your party, how you will upgrade Hawke. You will not complain about the lack of skill trees. At the same time they've made it easier to not care about skills and abilities, too. Your level of commitment depends on how you want to play. BioWare hopes having both options will be inviting to new players while satisfying RPG fans."

Raise your sword and ready your shield. It's time for our Dragon Age 2 Preview...

If you've found yourself watching and re-watching Top Gun and hoping that you could live the experience in videogame form, you'll no doubt want to check out Ace Combat: Assault Horizons. We just eyes-on with the title and found ourselves ready to siege the skies.

"When making Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Project Aces took the previous Ace Combat's criticisms head on. One major complaint from past games was that combat was against enemies who were too far away and therefore too small. To counter this complaint they built the Close-Range Assault System, it promises to "put the enemies in your face." During a very short teaser trailer the showed us just how close you could get to your enemies before blowing them to pieces."

Pull up, guage your altitude and read on for our Ace Combat: Assault Horizons Preview.

Looking forward to some four-dimensional racing action? Well, you'll have to wait a bit longer for that, but the new Nintendo 3DS  console can offer some exciting vehicular entertainment in one less "D" with Ridge Racer 3DS.

"The demo was only one race, three laps around a course. The menus and car customization was standard and what you'd expect from a racing game. Gameplay wise there was the added feature of drifting, a skill I failed to master. For the more talented drivers out there there's a drift button to make drifting easy. There weren't many new features except for that whole 3D thing… Oh right it's in 3D, and not just any 3D, glassesless 3D. Like with all 3DS games we've seen you can control the level depth you're comfortable with using the 3D slider."

Rev your engines and check out our Ridge Racer 3DS Preview.

Namco's latest franchise, Inversion, is poised to take the fast-paced action of modern shooters into low-gravity, zero-g environments. Also, it's going to give you a gravity-gun, perhaps the greatest kind of weapon in all of videogame history. We recently went hands-on with an early build of the game. Is it floating toward the heavens, or crashing to Earth?

"One sequence had Davis fighting through a level without any solid ground.He just floated from one piece of floating cover to the next, grabbing on and shooting the equally weightless enemies near by. In the next sequence they showed us Davis used his gravity defying powers to summon cars and send them hurling at enemies. There will be different levels of gravity throughout the game including zero-gravity and low gravity."

Brace yourself for lift-off and read up on our latest Inversion Preview.

Okami was cute. Okamiden is cuter. The sequel for the DS not only provides a few dozen hours of entertainment, it also provides plenty of super-sweet exclaimations of "Adorbs!" We recently went hands-on with a near-final build of the game and brought back a few thoughts on this surefire sequel.

"In the opening levels of the game, you’re teamed up with your new partner, Kuni. The lovable Issun is still in the game, and pops up from time to time, but only as a miniature helper. Kuni is the son of the swordsman Nagi and his love interest Kushi from the first game. Kuni and Chibi start their adventure once again learning the ropes of the celestial brush, and gaining powers that are very reminiscent of brush strokes in the first game. A new technique in Okamiden is the power of Guidance which allows you to lead your partner to various to areas which will help you to solve puzzles or acquire treasure from chests."

Pick up your brush and check out our Okamiden Preview.

Immortality is over-rated. At least according to Knights Contract in which the goal is for your un-killable hero to earn his sweet, deathly reward. But this close to release does the action-packed escort mission hold up? We go hands-on with the witchery and live to tell the tale.

"The combination of Heinrich’s might and Gretchen’s magic is functional if not exactly inspired. You’ll wield your hefty blade against the undead and demonic hordes, encountering larger, more imposing enemies that require the liberal use of Gretchen’s magic, which you command by holding down the right trigger and selecting one of four available spells. Both your weapon and the spells can be upgraded as you collect the souls of your vanquished foes  – such a tiresome and familiar system by now – and undergo a cool-down period so that you can’t spam them relentlessly."

Defend your favorite witch, ready some spells and check out our Knights Contract Preview.


How many times did you die while playing Demon's Souls? Or better yet, did you even play Demon's Souls? If not, you're missing out on one of the most rewarding, albeit challenging, games in recent memory. Thankfully, the spiritual successor to that title, Dark Souls, has just been revealed and we've got our first eyes-on impressions.

"Gamers will have to use their brains before they start swinging their swords. This is definitely not a hack-n-slash. If anything it's a trial-and-error slash. 100 different types of weapons will be at the players disposal and each has its own unique action, purpose, strengths and weaknesses. There is no ultimate weapon that can take out any enemy. Instead there's the playstyle that suits you and your style of gameplay. Gamers will have the option to duel-wield and use the environment to their advantage. A small blade will mean the wielder is quicker and can sneak in close and jumping from up high up will make the attack more powerful; both tactics I plan on using."

Pick up your sword and shield and fortify your patience for our Dark Souls Preview.

We recently journeyed into the war-torn jungles with a team of military experts armed only with a semi-automatic rifle, a few grenades, and a PS Move...By which we mean that we played an early version of SOCOM 4 and returned with our impressions of the battlefield.

"SOCOM 4 will also feature co-op for five players and competitive multiplayer for up to 32 players. There will be four modes in multiplayer. Suppression is a team death match variant, and Uplink is basically capture the flag where players compete to find a piece of intel and bring it safely back to their base. Last Defense will have teams fighting over three tactical control points on the map. When one team gets control of all three points the secret location of the other teams base will be revealed and they’ll then begin a final assault on the base, trying to get close enough to plant a homing beacon that will trigger a round winning air strike. There’s a fourth mode but Zipper is keeping it a secret for the time being."

Grab your weapons and move out, soldier...toward our SOCOM 4 Preview.

Deeper and deeper we go into the Rift beta, crossing over even further into this highly anticipated MMO. And we've survived the dangers of Telara to bring you back some impressions of the title as it near release.

"Elemental rifts spawn randomly around the zones. The sky will turn dark, and a huge jellyfish monster – or some creature related to that particular element – will descend from the sky to try and ruin your day. And give you a lot of experience points. Rifts are great fun, and they basically work like a mini gauntlet. Several stages of monsters spawn, one after the other, until a mini-boss spawns. For each stage, you get a ton of experience points and loot, and once the mini-boss is slain, the Rift will seal and disappear. Rifts are constantly spawning all over the map, and every so often a zone-wide event will occur where dozens of Rifts will spawn at once. This was by far the most fun we had playing the game. Joining a huge raid and going out as a massive group to kill dozens of Rifts was absolute fun, and a great deviation from the monotony of questing."

Cross over the mystical elemental border and into our Rift Beta Preview.

The reigns of the Dungeon Siege franchise have been turned over to Obsidian and we had the chance to go hands-on with the latest in the series, Dungeon Siege III. We've emerged from the dungeons alive to tell you the tale of our epic RPG journey.

"You can feel the shift almost immediately. The third chapter in the franchise has something of a lighter touch with some visual and contextual shifts to fall more in line with recent fantasy RPG’s like Dragon Age. Conversation trees abound, albeit with less game-changing impact than we’ve seen in Bioware’s titles. The game’s coloring seems a bit brighter, as well, the environments a bit less oppressive. Visually speaking, the game appears more inviting than our memory of previous chapters, but it’s hardly aiming to redefine the archetypical fantasy universe as we know it."

Grab your sword, select a spell and read the tome of our Dungeon Siege 3 preview.

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