Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Awakens On PSP This Summer

Patrick Klepek played Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep at E3 2010, and he brought back this previe detailing his complicated relationship with the game series. Klep visited Cinderella, and says:

"Within moments, I'd run into Cinderella and her posse, providing me a moment of pause while staring at the PSP screen. Even though Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is running on a PSP, you could easily confuse it for Kingdom Hearts 2. The art style established in the Kingdom Hearts games continues to impress and works incredibly well on the PSP. Hey, I might not know what's happening during Kingdom Heart's cut-scenes, but that doesn't make them any less aesthetically pleasing to watch."

Check out the entire E3 2010 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep preview.

Greetings readers! I'm Steve Moreno and I am the friendly nuisance here at G4 and I've been playing video games ever since the day I learned to grasp a controller. In addition to my interest in video games, I also love music. I play the drums and piano currently. Though my iPod is usually filled with video game music I often find time to listen to The Beatles, The Strokes, Zeppelin..etc. 

I am very athletic when it comes to Wii Sports and that's about it. But i also enjoy drawing, watching anime and reading comics (Aside from playing SF4). Oh yeah and I'm Jonathan’s intern and he likes to ask me a lot of questions. Enjoy!


Meet The Feed: Steve Moreno--The Intern

Interview: Steve Moreno, The Intern
By: Jonathan Goorvich

Jonathan: What do you do here at G4?

Steve: I provide the gameplay footage for Video on Demand.

Jonathan: So wait... Not only do you have the honor of being my intern, but you get to play videogames all day long? What could you possibly have to complain about?

Steve: The pay.

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