Pressure Wash Your Teeths


Posted December 8, 2008 - By timbococ

I'm honestly not sure why I love this idea so much. Maybe because toothbrushes have been waiting for a revolution since they were discovered by the Germans, in 1904. Sure there's the vibrating and/or spinning ones, and they have all kinds of slanty, multi-colored bristles, rubber "gum stimulators," and so on: all evolutionary steps.

Enter the Dental Air Force. Using a jet stream of water, air, and a special cleaning solution, the DAF will "break through the plaque barrier." Friggin sweet!


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Mario Kart Love Song FTW


Posted December 5, 2008 - By timbococ

This dude on YouTube made a love song about Mario Kart. The surprising element here is some level of musical talent, and the song's considerable lack of suckiness.

The Third verse is my favorite: "The blue shell is coming / so I'll go ahead / If you hang behind / it'll hit me instead / but never look back / cause I'm down but not dead / I'll catch up to you." Heehee!

Click the "read more" link for another awesome video: a (seemingly dangerous and illegal) real-life enactment of  Mario Kart, with plenty of man-throwing-banana-under-moving-vehicle action.

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StarCraft Gets Patched Yet Again


Posted November 25, 2008 - By timbococ

Upon logging into Battle.net to play a quick 1v1 Blood Bath today, I was greeted by the familiar "you must acquire more vespene gas" "there is a new update" prompt. I accepted, and the patch quickly downloaded, installed, and restarted SCBW. I had enough time to reminisce: I remember when these patches took a half hour or more to download on my 28.8Kbps modem. And yes, I remember being ridiculed by other players with their zippy "56K," or "DSL" connections. Jerks.

As these things go, this is a fairly major patch, fixing several known exploits, and (finally!) adding /reply (or /r) as a means of quickly and easily replying to whispers. Click through for full details of the patch, which brings us up to version 1.16.0.

In any event, here we are almost 10 years to the day since Brood War was released, and Blizzard is still tweaking their baby (because so many people are still playing it). Here's hoping StarCraft II will be the masterpiece its predecessor was, and still is. And now back to that 1v1.

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In an uncharacteristically underannounced move, Apple released the iPhone 2.2 Software Update late last night. The update, which we saw some leaked screenshots from last week, is everything we expected, and a little more.

As expected, the update adds over-the-air podcast downloads, and an updated Safari interface. The Maps app got a pretty major upgrade, adding Street View, walking directions, public transit directions, and the ability to get the address of a dropped pin, and share it via email. You can now push the home button from any home screen to go back to the first, so no more mad flicking through all those pages of apps.

Apple also says (we haven't tried it out yet) there are number of fixes, including a decrease in dropped calls, improvements to how Mail handles email, and improved sound quality of voicemail mesages. Apple closed a number of security flaws, and finally, Apple also added the option to disable auto-corrections (in Keyboard Settings), which should make some people smile.

*Sigh* Still no MMS (eh, just send and receive emails) and STILL NO COPY AND PASTE! Come on... the BlackBerry Storm has it!

Apple's Page

Security Fixes

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Alright, so, sorry in advance for even mentioning corny Canadian "rock" band Nickelback. Their new album Dark Horse just came out, and they are launching a major tour in February, so naturally they have a lot to say to the press; in this case, a little too much.

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger (man that's a lame name) had this silly, offensive, and downright smug little gem to say to MTV news, "Kids: Start rock bands. Set down the 'Guitar Hero,' learn how to play an actual guitar and start a band, because it's hard to find more bands to put a solid rock-and-roll package together ... but I think we've done it."

So, kudos to Chad Kroeger (ugh) for his "solid rock-and-roll package," but what he doesn't realize is that a main reason so many people play Guitar Hero is all the amazing, classic music that we get to play along with. Not surprisingly, Nickelback's generic, every-song-sounds-the-same, mind-numbing crud has not been featured in the Guitar Hero games.

So Chad, set down the actual guitar, learn how to play Guitar Hero, and remember some of the tasty licks and soaring vocals when you work on your next album.



The image above came from Rare Ltd/Microsoft's freshly-released Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. The image above hints new Killer Instinct, Battletoads, Jet Force Gemini and even Grabbed By Ghoulies games (all classic Rare properties) are in the works. The image above is awesome.

But sadly, the image above may be nothing more than rumor. Beautiful, happy rumor. For instance, earlier today Rare's studio manager Mark Betteriedge said, "I think some of the products we'll do going forward will surprise a lot of people, both in terms of what they are and the different styles. I think that will be good." That doesn't exactly sound like a revival of old titles is coming, but who knows.

What are you up to, Rare?



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Rumor has it that Konami will be publishing a Guitar Hero arcade game, developed by Raw Thrills. Although still only a rumor, it seems silly that there isn't already a Guitar Hero arcade, and inevitable that they'll make one.

Plus, there's now the "confirmation picture" you see above. This news comes from the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Expo 2008, set to take place this week in Orlando, Florida. So, it seems this rumor will soon be concretely confirmed, or denied. Probably confirmed.

No word if this machine will be able to handle G4's uber-shred abilities.


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The adventurous souls over at kotaku have unearthed an iPhone adventure worth passing on to all you adventure-seeking readers. The classic Atari 2600 game Adventure, to be specific.

This is a very faithful port of the original Adventure, complete with those clever and surprising seahorse/duck-like dragons, and wacky mazes. Head still unexploded? It's free in the app store! Right now!


San Francisco artist Tanya Vlach has called for engineers to design an in-eye camera for her. Since losing her real eye in a 2005 car accident, Tanya has worn a realistic acrylic prosthesis. A self-decribed "sci-fi geek," on her blog Tanya has asked for an "eye cam" that can adjust for different levels of light, and controlled by her blinking, zoom, take still photos, and stream and record video.

I say, why stop there? What about IR nightvision, Predator-like thermal vision, or even X-Ray vision?

Experts agree that the technology for an eyeball-sized camera is readily available, and indeed dozens of engineers have already responded to Tanya's request. One engineer, Roy Want of Intel, believes the technology is all here already, and went on to suggest linking the eye cam to a smart phone, which could serve as an inexpensive, readily available control terminal and relay station for Tanya's video feed.

Want also saw the potential for a system like this to serve as a personal memory back-up saying, "You'd never lose anything. You could ask it, 'Where was the last time I saw my keys?'"

We salute Tanya, and her quest for truly photographic memory.


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In a recent press conference, Ericsson AB of Sweden revealed a road map of sorts, detailing their projections for the future of mobile devices over the next few years. Among the highlights, we can expect: 12-20 megapixel cameras capable of shooting full HD video, 100Mbps connections, XGA resolution, and 1GHz processin power.

Personally, I think we can do better than XGA (1024 x 768) and 1GHz (iPhone's got 620MHz) but the camera resolution and data speeds sound great; and these things have to be affordable, after all.


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The Mines of Moria, the second major expansion to successful MMO The Lord of the Rings Online, is set for release on November 18th, just days after the November 13th launch of The Wrath of the Lich King, major expansion for uber-successful MMO World of Warcraft.

Speaking on the close launches, LotRO boss Jeff Steefel sees no reason to worry, saying, "The kind of players that play WoW regularly and the kind of play LotRO regularly, and the kind of players that play Warhammer regularly are different. We have a market now where people tend to move around between games."

Steefel stressed that LotR is simply different from WoW, and that the MMO market is mature enough where, “We’re less concerned than we would have been in the days where there was one game out there and everyone played only that one game.”



Seen here in her media debut, Monifa is ridiculously, heart-warmingly cute. WANT.

This little pygmy hippo, Monifa ("I am lucky" in Nigerian), was born at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia on October 15th. She was unable to stand or feed herself, so zoo staff had to intervene. They coaxed her into feeding, and took care of her around the clock for the past few weeks. Now, Monifa seems to be doing well. She is eating and playing, and has doubled in weight.

Pygmy Hippos are endangered; only an estimated 3,000 of them remain in the wild.


Some iPhone news for your Friday: The next, still unreleased firmware version 2.2 adds direct-to-phone podcast downloads, in a refined App Store. As with the iTunes store, it seems podcasts' size will be limited to 10MB over your EDGE or 3G connection; find some wifi to download bigger 'casts.

This info is thanks to leaked photos from the developers version of 2.2, which Apple seeded out in October. From previous leaks, we know 2.2 will add Google Street View to Maps (and for Japan, Emoji icons).

No word from Apple when to expect 2.2 to be released to the public. Despite all the leaks, we're hoping Apple will still have a surprise or two when 2.2 drops. One modest wish: COPY AND FRIGGIN PASTE! WTF!

When it does release, however, you'll be able to download G4's great podcasts directly to your iPhone. Woot!


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What was once rumor is now confirmed, Atari is the new publisher of the long-awaited Ghostbusters game. Previously licensed to Vivendi games, it was unclear where the game would land after Vivendi merged with Activision.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game will be released next year in time for the 25th anniversary of the original film; Atari says the game is being developed for the Wii, 360, PS3, PC and DS. Hooray!


Universal outbid Paramount, New Regency, MGM and Warner Brothers for the movie rights to a new Electronic Arts game based on Dante's Inferno. Who cares, right? Wrong, dummy. What's so interesting about this bidding war, is that the game's title, plot, genre, platform(s), and even its very existence have yet to be announced by EA.

As we have seen with, say, every video-game-to-movie adaptation ever made, a good game does not necessarily translate into a good flick. By the same token, just about all movie-to-video-game adaptations also = suck, even when the source material was hotness. (Go on and disagree with my sweeping generalizations in the comments, I really do read them.)

Maybe, just maybe, EA will make a cool game, and Universal a good movie based upon it. At the very least this is an interesting new twist in the troublesome movie-with-a-game dance.


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