Last week The Feed went to The Wonderful World Art Gallery for a Simpson's themed event called "Get Inked with Homer." This week we have the video exclusive. Yeah, we hob-nob with celebs like Joe Mantegna and Fred Willard; we mix-and-mingle with talented animators who make The Simpsons. Yes, those are our peers.

Ok, not really. We actually had to sneak in the backdoor of this party and hope the big bouncer dudes didn't track us down. But lucky for you, no one caught us because we are amazing at telling fibs (make sure you look them straight in the eye), we are quick on our feet, and we know at least three different escape routes at all times.

Take a looky for yourself to see what The Feed found out about The SImpsons, The Movie, and the animation. And if you are just itching to own your own art from The Simpsons, now you know where to get it.

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With the release of The SImpson's Movie on July 27th, mania has ensued. The reality of Springfriend  is coming to life. Have you been to a Kwik-E-Mart yet for a Duff Energy Drink or a Squishes? And is it me or is everyone wearing Springfield Bowling shirts around this place?

It is pretty impossible to go anywhere without seeing some form of Simpson's liscensing or another these days and last night The Feed was invited to The Wonderful World Art Gallery, the number one selling gallery of Fox liscensed art, for an event entitled Get Inked With Homer.  

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The Feed was trying to hold onto our last Yoda stamp for something really good, but our phone bill was overdue. Lucky for us though, The United States Postal Service is unveiling the newest sheet of Super Hero stamps at Comic-Con International on Thursday July 26th at 10:30am. The USPS called us themselves to tell us the good news that we could keep up our image with our Grandmother.

Image is everything, and having the latest and greatest of anything will keep you hip with your friends. Unless you are of the vintage persuasion, then lets just call you out-of-sight! So you still write checks to pay your bills, you have a pen-pal in Zimbabwe, and you make sure that the stamp you put on your envelope represents your fine taste? At least we do.

(C) 2006 USPS Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Last year the USPS released DC Comic stamps, this year it's Marvel. They asked the two companies if they wanted to share a sheet of postage stamps last year, but being competitive companies they declined and flipped a coin and DC Comics won. They were the 5th highest grossing collectible stamps to date. We wonder how Marvel will do this year and if they are feeling the pressure to perform?

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Jeff Bridges is signed on to play alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie version of the 1963 Marvel Comic series?Iron Man. Bridges, best known for his role as 'The Dude' in the modern day classic The Big Lebowski, will be playing a character of a different?nature?in the newest?of the comic book-to-film adaptation from Marvel. His role in this film, which is currently in pre-production, will be as friend, confidant, and corporate and life advisor to billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, played by Downey Jr.

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There is a possibility that Kermit and Miss Piggy might be back in Primetime. But first, we must see how the pilot does with?focus groups.

Disney is creating a?return for the Muppets in mockumentary fashion. It is said to be a spoof on such shows as The Office, which I love, but mockumentary, Muppets, I don't know what to say about that. The premise of the show will surround the group coming back together to perform a new show after they all went off to find other jobs...so maybe The Office meets Studio 60? Hmmm, still no major thoughts.

Comments from fans have been bleak. The Muppet franchise has not prospered?at their 'new?home',?Disney,?unless you count?Miss Piggy's endorsement deal with Pizza Hut.

Really, I think the world would be a better place?if they just?brought back?Fraggle Rock!

*Not that you are?not loved Muppets, but with the passing of?Jim Henson, it might be nice to look back and appreciate you in your heyday, probably won't get better than that!

TV Squad: Will the Muppets Finally Return to Primetime?

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Start getting excited 'Shield' fans: The TV series is coming back for its sixth and final season in early '08.? Ok, maybe it's a little pre-mature to get your panties in wad, but their has to be some relief that the show wasn't going to end with the one guy killing the other guy, and the other guy not knowing who did it.

?I hope you're patient while you wait for The Shield to be back in your Tivo rotation, you have the rest of the '07 season plus summer re-runs. But remember, patience is a virtue and you'll get an entire 9 episodes and a series finale (and those are always good). Plus Forest Whitaker and he is completely likeable.

Zap2It News: 'Shield' Back on Duty in April ??

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British Director Guy Richie has plans to move into the realm of TV. He will direct and executive produce (that's 'pay for' in entertainment speak) a new pilot of a procedural crime drama titled Suspects for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

Besides being the Material Girl's husband, he is known for writing and directing two colorful caper dramas; Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.? Now, it sounds like Suspects will be something of the same sort as his movies: multiple characters who are all suspects, intermingled plot lines (the whose done it?), and maybe even a cockney accent or two just to ensure that the audience won't understand what is going on.

Looking at the ABC line-up, they could use a crime drama to compete with the Law & Orders and CSIs of the world. And I don't mind. Excluding his attempt to woo the original Pop Princess with Swept Away, his movies have been good and he does a damn good job at casting!?

Yahoo! News:Guy Ritchie lined up for ABC "Suspects"

Local Hawaiians Hate MTV


Posted January 23, 2007 - By DiamondStone

Local Hawaiians are saying "Ahahana!" (shame on you) to the MTV Show 'Maui Fever.' It seems that life is not only a beach on the island of Maui, but for all intents and purposes (and ratings), MTV has painted it that way. 'Maui Fever' is the newest 'Laguna Beach', and like the OC natives, the cast of 'MF': Chaunte, Cheyne, Anna, Anthony, Sean, and Jesse spend their days surfing and scoping out the tourist chicks and nights partying and dealing with their self-induced drama-rama.

The?Hawaiians have responded to the show with complaints that, although their beautiful island is spectacularly captured, the cast is not so representative. In a mature manner, we can empathize with the criticism that the players are all-white, excluding the diversity that exists on the island. In addition, that 5 out of 6 characters are from the mainland, and that the young bucks are nothing more than perpetual partiers, man manipulators, and womanizers... in other words, the typical teens with no parental guidance or goals...all necessary elements to good TV!

Yahoo! News: Locals object to MTV's new `Maui Fever'

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