Links Of TheFeed: Burton & Mashups

If our wall-to-wall Comic-Con coverage wasn't enough internet for you this week, we gave a fresh batch of links on the way. Check them out for some analysis of Tim Burton's career, a few Inception mash-ups, and a video exploring whether today's kids like yesterday's games.

  • FilmDrunk has info on what might be Tim Burton's next film, and the ultimate proof that he's lost his fastball.
  • Bleep Bloop on CollegeHumor lets some kids play some classic games like Mario Bros. and Sonic to see if they have fun.
  • Did you know that Muhammad Ali met Superman? Here's 15 of the greatest athlete appearances in comic books on Manofest.com.

Sly & The Family Special

After what I considered a pretty poor start to the Summer movie season, we're finally starting to hit a stretch when there's a few films I want to see. I've heard that Predators, while it's not going to win any awards, is enjoyable. Inception opens today, and reviews for the Christopher Nolan Sci-Fi epic are extremely positive. Dinner For Schmucks has a good cast and looks promising. And finally, The Expendables will be packed with more testosterone and steroids than the USC Football team. If it weren't for these films, you'd be stuck with Step Up 3D and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. This week on TheLinks, we've got a new trailer for The Expendables and so much more.

  • See proof the Sly Stallone is on the juice and watch the new Expendables trailer on FilmDrunk.
  • UnrealityMag has a gallery of incredible Pokemon fan art, please let me show you them.

Links Of TheFeed: Muppets, Celebs & Lunchboxes

Part of the charm of games from the 1980s was that they were often insanely difficult. Whether it's fighting Mike Tyson or doing anything from level 3 on in Battletoads, games fed my childhood obsessions by repeatedly raking me over the coals. While I wasn't dreaming about a super easy mode, some of the folks at CollegeHumor were, and you can see what they came up with below in this week's links.

  • American Express had a contest for 1-minute movie pitches. FilmDrunk revels in the misery of some of the worst ones.
  • CollegeHumor takes a look at what it would be like if your favorite games had a super easy mode.

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Links Of TheFeed: Harry Potter & The Starcraft Debacle

I love the 4th of July. Hanging out with friends and family on a sunny day, grilling copious amounts of meat and capping it off with explosions in the sky all in the name of patriotism. It doesn't get much better than that, and I can't wait to get the weekend started. But it's still Friday, and before you go and get your sunburn on, go ahead and take a look at some links from our friends.

  • Check out some awesomely weird works of sandwich art on Uncoached.

Kimbo Slice & More

We're doing double duty on the Links Of TheFeed this week, with a crop of bonus links delivered special to you this weekend. Take a click and enjoy.

  • FilmDrunk has must see video of Michael Jai White A.K.A. Black Dynamite showing Kimbo Slice how to punch.
  • CollegeHumor has a World Of Warcraft parody featuring a song called "Run This Town." I've never heard the original song (which I just looked up and found out is a Jay-Z/Rihanna team up), but it must be popular because it's AWFUL.




Links Of TheFeed: Sketch-A-Smurf

I thought you should know that hot on the heels of terrible G.I. Joe and Transformers movies, Hollywood is also rebooting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and have made a Smurfs movie. Yep, the little blue guys who are harrassed by a bald wizard deserved a movie for some reason, and now you get to watch the trailer. Is it awful? You bet it's awful. Check it out along with some cool Etch-A-Sketch drawings, a funny CollegeHumor vid and more in this week's links.

  • Use the warp whistles in Super Mario Bros.? CollegeHumor will let you know why you're only cheating yourself.


Links Of TheFeed: E3 Anticipation

For whatever reason, I've always liked Nick Cage. I know he makes terrible movie after terrible movie but maybe Raising Arizona just made that big of an impression on me as a kid. The Rock didn't hurt either, and Con-Air is good in it's own ridiculous way. However, after a while he decended into self parody, started making the same pained faces in every movie and starting cranking out some genuine stinkers. Even though I was hoping for a revival after his turn in Kick-Ass, it seems he might be back to making steaming piles with The Sorceror's Apprentice. To see what I mean, check out this week's links.

  • Finally, this last link isn't funny, but it's a personal favorite. You see, I went to UCLA, so I take great delight in the sanctions that were recently levied against the USC Trojans. Cheat On!

Anime & Duck Hunt

The original NES was released in the USA in 1986 when I was all of 5 years old, and although I don't remember exactly when the console was first brought into my home, I pretty much grew up with the thing. Everyone who had one remembers the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo cartridge that shipped with the system and likely spent countless hours trying to defeat both. While at some point I was able to defeat all eight worlds in Mario, Duck Hunt was forever a confounding and frustrating experience. In today's links, Collegehumor explains what was really going on with that cackling dog and his feathered friends.

  • HolyTaco reveals all of the signs that will let you know if you are at a shady flea market.
  • In an example of life imitating art, Ong Bak star Tony Jaa is quitting acting to become a monk. Details on FilmDrunk.
  • Ever wondered what was controlling the difficulty in NES classic Duck Hunt? CollegeHumor knows the dirty little secret.

Links Of TheFeed: Lost Questions

Oh Sex & The City. I would rant about the show and movie, but I feel like it's been done plenty on the internet already in the last couple of weeks. And the reviews that are trickling in out there are funny enough I really don't need to chime in. However, that doesn't mean I can't link you to someone else poking fun. So for that, plus Peter Pan encountering a serious dilemna, some Star Wars photoshops and more, check out the weekly links.

  • Peter Pan has some tough choices to make on his return from Never Neverland. Check it out on CollegeHumor.
  • Holy Taco has a bunch of fun animated gifs for you. What's the common string tying them all together? I have no idea.
  • Uncoached has a list of 5 things you should be able to do in front of your significant other. I could skip #2. Get it? Ugh.

Links Of TheFeed: The Lost Art Of Crazy

I'm probably the only person at the G4 offices who doesn't watch Lost. I missed the boat when the show first arrived, and never tried to catch up and get on board. Once you hit the working world, there's only so many hours in the day, and you have to pick and choose your entertainment. I picked video games, live sporting events, and the occasional show that's probably not as good as Lost (although recently I've been blowing through all 5 seasons of The Wire and I can't imagine any other show ever being better).

So every Wednesday morning when I come to work I get to hear countless conversations about stuff I could care less about, even if I'm slightly intrigued by the whole story of the show. However, with the series finale just 2 days away, I figured I'd share a gallery of pretty awesome Lost artwork compiled on UnrealityMag.com. Check it out, along with Chris Klein's audition freak-out, a indictment against the new Robin Hood movie, and more.

  • If you haven't seen it yet, CollegeHumor has Chris Klein's maniacal audition for a part in Mamma Mia.
  • It sounds like the new Robin Hood movie is terrible. Check out FilmDrunk's scathing review.

Links Of TheFeed: Tim, Eric & Ke$ha

Imagine this whole post is written in Andy Rooney's whiney voice... I've never cared for pop music. Whether it's Color Me Badd, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Lady GaGa or the Bieber, it's all horrible ear-splitting dreck. And it's gotten even worse, as the one bit of talent that used to be required (a decent singing voice) is now rendered moot as producers can manipulate anything to sound... well... not good, but at least harmonious or wretchedly autotuned.

Which brings me to the subject of one of today's links: Ke$ha. Her first single is the misspelled version of the sound your clock makes and her second single is called Blah, Blah, Blah. Fitting for someone with a $ in their name. She's also the number #1 artist in something like 10 countries, but I guess bad taste is universal. Thankfully, the good people at CollegeHumor did a little community service and made a video that essentially rakes her over the coals. So check out the links below, and enjoy.

  • FilmDrunk doubles down on Paul Rudd, with details on the script he wrote that Judd Apatow is producing, and the awesome Tim & Eric video that goes inside Paul Rudd's computer.
  • What do Spider-man, The Matrix, Star Wars and Indiana Jones have in common? They made UnrealityMag's list of the 10 most disappointing movies of the last decade.
  • Check out a gallery of bizarre hats over at Supertremendous. I don't think any belong to Lady GaGa.
  • Adult Swim is offering a chance to create your own custom DVD for free, so load up on The Venture Bros. and Robot Chicken, then thank us later!

Links Of TheFeed: Dino Cop Needs A Helmet

Before Whoopi Goldberg became part of the chorus of shrill harpies on The View, she had a fairly successful career as a comedian and actress. She hosted Comic Relief with Billy Crystal and Robin Williams and starred in a bunch of movies, including Sister Act, The Color Purple and Ghost.

But along the way there was one movie that was so bad she tried to get out her contract, until the production company sued her for $20 Million. Eventually Whoopi settled, the movie got made, and we get to enjoy the poop sandwich known as Theodore Rex. So if you want to remember how awful this movie was, see evidence that rock stars were once nerdier than you are, and more... check out this week's links.

Links Of TheFeed: Halo Kitty & Werewolves

I've always hated Superman. Not necessarily Clark Kent's personality or any of that, but rather the pointlessness of having a superhero that can do anything. Having your only weakness be some rare mythical element is flatly boring. Even if Lex Luthor had a stockpile of Kryptonite and was going to prevent Superman from stopping his evil plans, Superman could still fly backwards around the world 9 million times (or whatever), travel back in time to when Lex was a just a punk kid and toss him into space.

On the other hand, Batman is inherently interesting because he's just a rich guy with some fancy gadgets and a proclivity for lurking in the shadows. In other words he's human. However, every once in a while, the two DC Universe heroes cross paths. If you check out today's links, you'll see what that's like when that happens at the DMV.

  • Only Twilight could make a fight between vampires and werewolves seem lame. Watch the new trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on FilmDrunk…
  • CollegeHumor finds out if nazi zombies are any worse than regular zombies.
  • Manofest will show you Halo Kitty and 24 other funny fake video game covers.
  • If you haven't noticed by now, I'm just like the internet 3 years ago... Obsessed with stupid cat pictures. Holy Taco has 25 cats wrestling with invisible objects.

The Future Of Bungie -- Halo Creator Talks New Games And Signing With Activision

Activision and Bungie dropped a bombshell surprise on the video game industry early this morning when the two announced a 10-year partnership for a brand-new intellectual property (Bungie, Microsoft and Sony have all since issued statements). In this case, however, Bungie will own their next project, while Activision's signed up to publish.

Bungie is about to move into a post-Halo world.

So far, Bungie's been mum about specifics. They're willing to say it's an "action game," but that's about it. I spent some time on the phone with Bungie community and franchise director Brian Jarrard this morning to discuss the post-Halo future of Bungie, a future now tied to Activision.

Brian Jarrard: Sorry, I'm a few minutes late.

G4: It's okay. I expect you guys are a little busy today.

Jarrard: Yeah, been making calls for a while now.

G4: Well, you guys are just calling and individually giving out Halo: Reach codes.

Jarrard: I thought that's what you wanted to talk about. Here, let me read your code to you. B-Y...

G4: Give me the sense of what you're feeling right now. Is it relief? You guys said this was a nine-month deal, so where is your head at? Where's Bungie's head at?

Read More »

Links Of TheFeed: The Bishop Of Animal Husbandry

Somewhere in my gaming life, I skipped a few years of Mario games. Along the way, Wario and WaLuigi were introduced, and when I returned, Wario was oafing around in my Super Smash Bros. I didn't like using him in the game, so I didn't pay him much attention. However, he's firmly on CollegeHumor's radar, and the character is ripe for parody. So check out the weekly links and meet WaDan, look at some wannabe superheroes and attend an animal wedding or two.

  • In Lance Henrikson's illustrious film career, he has fought Aliens, Pirahnas, Sasquatch and much more. However, he didn't meet his match until he encountered this angry cat (thanks FilmDrunk).
  • Ever wondered it would be like to have an evil doppleganger from another dimension, ala Wario & WaLuigi? Meet WaDan on CollegeHumor.
  • Our friends at EgoTV have identified the 9 types of players you'll encounter on Xbox live. You'll hate 8 of them.
  • I've worked in a TV booth before. There's people producing the show, loading tapes, picking camera angles and writing and posting captions. Uncoached has some funny examples of when the caption guys screw up.
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