Links Of TheFeed: Insane Stories & Christmas Shenanigans

2010 was a particularly crazy year. Not because of weather, politics, video games, the economy, or anything else. Rather, 2010 was a year of crazy individuals and stories you wouldn't believe if they happened in a movie. For example, someone tried to do a real life version of Weekend at Bernie's! WTF? For a recap of this year's most insane stories, plus a guy telling little kids the truth about Santa and more, check out this week's links.

  • What happens when impressionable young children are told that Santa isn't real? [CollegeHumor]
  • Here's the 10 funniest Christmas present reactions caught on camera. [Manofest]
  • Video game DLC, 3D Movies, and 4 other price scams we all fall for. [UnrealityMag]
  • The man who was forced to eat his own beard and 12 more of the most insane stories of 2010. [FilmDrunk]

four loko blubberella

Ever wanted to watch a movie about an overweight vampire girl who fights nazis? Me neither! However, for those of you who do, Uwe Boll is back directing, and you can watch the trailer for probable train-wreck Blubberella in this week's links. 

  • Director of awful video game movies Uwe Boll is back with a trailer for Blubberella. Prepare to have your intelligence insulted! [FilmDrunk]
  • Here's an honest commercial for booze filled energy drink, Four Loko. [CollegeHumor]
  • Enjoy this gallery of hyper-realistic street fighter portraits. [UnrealityMag]
  • Cats generally can't be trusted. Here's 15 of them holding guns. [SuperTremendous]

Halo Heaven

I consider myself to be a decent Halo player. I beat Reach solo on legendary, and can generally hold my own in multiplayer. But I never really thought about who was behind the Spartan I was controlling, and why he could just appear out of thin air again after I got him killed. CollegeHumor clears all of that up in their latest animated video. Click on this week's links, and check it out.

  • The crew on the FilmDrunk Podcast interviews the guys from $#@% My Dad Says, recites some slam poetry, and discusses the four loko controversy. [FilmDrunk]
  • Check out the 25 worst candy names of all time. [Manofest]

Back To The Jackasses

Epictober is down to it's last day, but luckily once you get done checking out all of the great exclusives and features, there will still be plenty of time to see what else is happening on the internet. Enjoy the links, suckers!

  • Burn your temple with a curling iron on Jackass for girls. [CollegeHumor]
  • Here are 20 celebrities who look like Sesame Street characters. [SuperTremendous]
  • If you missed it, here's video of Eric Stoltz playing Marty McFly in Back To The Future before they replaced him. [FilmDrunk]


Links Of TheFeed: Extremo GTL

I don't really count myself among the many who find clowns to be terrifying. Even after seeing Killer Clowns From Outer Space as a kid, they never really freaked me out that much. However, if I ever have kids, I won't let them within 10 miles of Extremo the Clown & his Never Never Van, as he might be the creepiest clown around. Good news though, you can get to know him a little better from a safe distance on FilmDrunk's podcast.

  • This week on the FilmDrunk podcast, meet Extremo the Clown, the man with the scariest van on the planet. [FilmDrunk]
  • Get in some quality GTL on Jersey Shore, the RPG. [CollegeHumor]
  • Here are 6 reasons Weird Al is still relevant. [UnrealityMag]
  • 25 photos of celebrities in high school sports photos. [Manofest]

Links Of TheFeed: Mustache Baby

There's something about a baby with a mustache that just isn't right. Taking something as cute as a baby and slapping on it something traditionally worn by cops, 70's porn stars and your dad is about as creepy as it gets. But since we like creepy around here, we've got a gallery of 20 babies with mustaches. On to the links!

  • Check out a cool gallery of geeky car mods. [UnrealityMag]
  • Enjoy 20 pictures of mustachioed babies. [Manofest]
  • Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis set to the dramatic choral music of The Social Network trailer is as good as you think it would be. [FilmDrunk]
  • See what happens when an anime guy goes on a date. [CollegeHumor]


Links Of TheFeed: Reggae Seagal, Halo Reach

What can I say? As a kid, I really liked Steven Seagal. He was the king of bad action movies, with classics like Steven Seagal returns from a 7 year coma to kick ass in Hard To Kill, or Steven Seagal is ex-Navy SEAL / chef who fights mercenaries on a battleship in Under Siege, or Steven Seagal takes on Jamaican drug dealers in Marked For Death. Today, Steven Seagal is dealing with Jamaicans again, only this time he's singing some of the worst reggae ever recorded with them. Check it out along with some awesome Halo: Reach kills and more on this week's links.

  • Steven Seagal tries his hand at Reggae. Jah? [FilmDrunk]
  • Find out what happens when an Ed Hardy shirt comes to life. [CollegeHumor]
  • Video of some of the most impressive and ridiculous kills in Halo: Reach so far. [UnrealityMag]
  • The Mapleton Taxidermy and Cheese Store and 19 other ridiculous store combinations. [SuperTremendous]

Links Of TheFeed: Street Figher & Wii Girls

If you didn't see the earlier post, you should know that our Halo: Reach review goes live tonight at 9:01pm PT. So that means there's another five and a half hours from the time of this post until you can see what we think of Bungie's last entry in the series. That's a lot of time to kill, especially if you're not a college football fan. So why not kill that time by checking out this week's links?

  • FilmDrunk has started doing an excellent movie podcast tinged with a splash of Four Loko. Give it a listen and prepare to be entertained. [FilmDrunk]
  • Enjoy some of the best and the worst Street Fighter cosplay. [UnrealityMag]
  • You will probably like the 10 hottest videos of girls playing Nintendo Wii. [Manofest]
  • The only person who doesn't know that M. Night Shyamalan movies stink is M. Night Shyamalan. Twist! [CollegeHumor]

links of thefeed: between two zerg

In this week's links, CollegeHumor combines two things synonymous with the freshman year of any gamer born in the early 1980's into one video: Starcraft and awkward roommate combinations. Check it out, along with another delightful episode of Between Two Ferns and more.

  • Peruse a list of the 30 funniest names in college football history, many of which have probably been used at one point or another by Bart Simpson. [Manofest]
  • Watch the latest episode of Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis featuring Sean Penn. [FilmDrunk]
  • Having a roommate in college can be tough, especially when you're a Protoss and he's a Zerg. [CollegeHumor]
  • Check out a very positive review of Machete. If you've seen the movie, do you agree? [Heavy]

Links Of TheFeed: I'm Not Afraid Of Robot Dogs

If you've been reading these links posts, you'd know by now I'm not a huge fan of popular music. However, in a sea of crap, Eminem has returned with a song that is reasonably catchy, even if I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to find it. (If you disagree with me, don't worry, I listen to a lot of ridiculous heavy metal. I'm not exactly hanging with the cool kids these days). I'm Not Afraid isn't bad, but it's lyrics are ripe for parody, and CollegeHumor has wasted little time in making one. Check it out along with a cool Star Wars fan film project and some robot dogs on this week's links.

  • Watch Star Wars Uncut, a compilation of Star Wars fan films spliced together. [FilmDrunk]
  • Here are 10 memorable singing scenes from science fiction movies, including the blue opera singer from the 5th Element. [UnrealityMag]
  • A list of 20 hot video game girls. [Heavy]

Links: Gary Busey

As you enjoy your weekend and take a break from the hot sun, the beach, the outdoors or just a little gaming time, feel free to find the time to check out a few highly enjoyable links from around the interwebs.

  • Oh how times have changed. Enjoy 20 mind blowing vintage cigarette ads. Remember, blow it in her face and she'll follow you anywhere. [SuperTremendous]
  • Watch Gary Busey be both the worst and best Fantasy Football lawyer. It's predictably insane. [FilmDrunk]
  • Here's a list of the top 10 epic fails in horror movies. Anything they missed? [Heavy]
  • CollegeHumor is making fun of Ska in their latest video, which is fine, it needs to be made fun of. It's also completely relevant because if you're in college right now, you were probably between 4 and 8 years old the last time Ska was popular. [CollegeHumor]



Links Of TheFeed: Emo Predator, Angry Hulk

As you gear up for a weekend of Madden, Starcraft, The Expendables, Scott Pilgrim and Eat, Pray, Die In A Fire, remember there's plenty of internet out there to keep you occupied while you whittle away the last few hours of work on a Friday... Case in point, these links!

  • Not all superpowers are created equal. Here are a few powers we'd all like to have, and a few we'd rather live without. [Heavy]
  • Watch the new trailer for the epic Bangladeshi version of the Incredible Hulk. [FilmDrunk]
  • Spend some time with the Predator's angsty, emo teenage son. [CollegeHumor]
  • Check out 5 comedic actors whose movies suck now. [UnrealityMag]
  • Enjoy a list of the dumbest John Madden quotes of all time. [Manofest]

Slave Leia, Cheesy Baseball Cards, Balls To The Face

I'm sure no one will disagree, getting beaned is not a pleasant experience. Though I've never been hit in the face with a baseball like Jimmy Rollins (pictured above), I have whiffed on a few passes playing basketball and taken one off the schnoz. Additionally, I once had a golfball ricochet off of my cranium, although luckily it was on the way down and not in the beginning of it's high speed flight path. Therefore, I can feel the pain of the people in the pictures in one of today's links who are all about to get domed and have the requisite expression of horror to go with it. Check it out along with a gallery of Slave Leias, some funny baseball cards and more.

  • Uncoached has an excellent gallery of people who either are about to be or have just been hit in the face with a ball.
  • Supertremendous has 30 of the worst baseball cards of all time. Many of them involve mustaches and the 1970s and 1980s.
  • If you haven't already watched Dinner For Schmucks, FilmDrunk will let you know why you should keep it that way.
  • Like most people, I thought Inception was awesome. But CollegeHumor is hear to break down some of the more ludricrous plot points.

Links Of TheFeed: Sucker Punch, NFL Hazing & More

Zack Snyder is a director who, in my mind, has always done a better job of making movies that are more visually interesting than anything else. I realize I could be opening myself up to fanboy rage here, but in The Watchmen, the beautifully choreographed opening sequence was the best part of the movie. The 300 definitely had a unique style to it, but the story was bare bones and it left me wondering what the hype was all about.

Hopefully that wil change with Sucker Punch, because the idea of a girl in a mental institution entering an alternate reality in order to hatch an escape plan has promise. In this week's links, we have the first Sucker Punch trailer, along with some NFL rookies being hazed like fraternity pledges and two completely insane videos from opposite sides of the world. 

  • Uncoached has one of the strangest rap videos ever. Yes, there's a disabled man, but the crazy guy next to him takes it to another level.

Fandango's Comic-Con HighlightsAs you all know, Comic-Con is massive. Between the games, comics and big hollywood movies, there's almost too much to cover. Between our live blogs, the G4 team on the floor, and today's 4-hour special, we're hitting as much of it as we can. But that doesn't mean we can't use a little help here and there, and that's where our good friends at Fandango are stepping in. They have some great interviews and videos over on their Fanboy Fix blog, and here's a few highlights.

  • Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren discusses the "little flame in her heart for Bruce" Willis, and their new action movie RED.
  • A few snippets from Day 2 at Hall H, which featured the terrifying Don't be Afraid of the Dark, the super hero comedy Super, and Will Ferrell's The Other Guys!
  • A video interview with Nicholas Cage as he talks about his new dark thriller, Drive Angry 3D.
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