It was a stellar week for comics, but Blair can only cover so much, she's a busy bee y'know. But in the stacks of solid titles that were released this week, our resident comics expert has sifted through the muck to bring you her picks for the week, including Mark Millar's ultra-awesome Kick-Ass #4, the latest issue of Northlanders, the "re-booting" of Runaways #1 and a double shot of DC madness with Justice Society of America #18 & DC Universe: Last Will and Testament #1.

So, click away, and prepare to be served some comics knowledge for your brainpan. Happy Labor Day!

Fresh Ink Online: Kick-Ass, Northlanders and Runaways Reboot »


Last fall we featured an exclusive web series inspired by the graphic novels 30 Days of Night presented by FEARnet.  The recently released Dust to Dust is a direct sequel to Blood Trails and goes even deeper into that terrifying vampire-infested world.  Now is the perfect time to take a short break from all the E3 hype and get a jump start on Comic-Con by checking out this bloodthirsty horror series.

30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust Part 1 »

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On this week's edition of Fresh Ink Online, the guru of comics Blair Butler covers a very political Ex-Machina, an ass kicking Catwoman, a dimension hopping RASL, a  revolutionary issue of DMZ, and Mark Millar takes us back to the old west in Wolverine: Old Man Logan. Logan may be old, tired, and rundown...but artist Steve McNiven has never made 'ole Wolvie look so good!

Fresh Ink Online: Catwoman, RASL, and Old Man Wolverine »

Our very own Olivia Munn will have a recurring column in Complex Magazine beginning in the June/July issue.  For her first column she will lend her nose to test out which male deodorants have the power to attract women.  Here is a short clip from her smell test and to see more of Olivia check out Complex Magazine.

Olivia's Complex Column »

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Prolific writer/director/editor Neil Marshall has burst through the Hollywood gates with his crafty and adrenalized style of filmmaking, making Werewolves scary again with Dog Soliders and caves even scarier with his breakout hit, The Decent. Now, Marshall unleashes a new (and old) vision of the Apocalypse with his Sci-fi/Horror/Action/Adventure "mash-up", Doomsday, released by Rogue Pictures in theaters nationwide this Friday.

An homage to the 80's films that inspired him like The Road Warrior, Escape From New York and hell, even a dash of Excalibur, Doomsday brings us everything we want in an old-fashioned cinematic ass-kicker; Thrills, chills, blood, bombastic explosions, post-punk stylings, hot chicks who hold their own and of course...cannibalism! Do you REALLY want to see Horton Hears A Who when this powder keg of a flick is being unleashed? Come on people!

Marshall sat down with E.C.U. for an in-depth chat on his inspirations for Doomsday, the advantages of being a director and what it was like on the set, orchestrating the end of the world.

ECU: Neil Marshall, Doomsday Director »


Actor Paul Dano, the rising star from The Girl Next Door, Fast Food Nation and last year's sleeper hit Little Miss Sunshine, is receiving rave reviews for his work in Paul Thomas Anderson's new film, There Will Be Blood. The sprawling epic, which has been wowing sold-out audiences during it's limited release last December, has just been released in theaters nationwide and is being primed to strike for Oscar gold.

The film ignites acting T.N.T. in the form of Daniel Day Lewis, who plays Daniel Plainview, a self made "oil man" during the turn of the century America.  Plainview sets his sights on an oil rich territory of California and crosses paths with the town's evangelical boy preacher, Eli Sunday, played by Dano.

We got the chance to sit down with the film's star, Paul Dano who gave us an Extreme Close Up of the story, what is what like to work with two of Hollywood's most creative talents, and a sneak peek at next year's highly anticipated film, Where the Wild Things Are, directed by Spike Jonze.

Extreme Close-Up: Paul Dano »

'Borderlands' Trailer Live


Posted December 11, 2007 - By PryzeFighter

Check out this trailer for the latest sci-fi first person shooter, Borderlands.

It comes out at the end of '08 for the PS3, 360 and PC.

Watch the hi-res version of this video in the G4 Video Pile

Of course, you would expect with the upcoming release of the movie Beowulf, a videogame was sure to follow. Ubisoft has put in extra effort for their release of the Beowulf game by working very closely with Paramount Pictures and Shangri-La Entertainment in capturing the spirit and authenticity of the film. 

Lead actors Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone, Brendan Gleeson and Sebastien Roche were all involved in the making of the videogame.  In fact, here is a behind the scenes look at Beowulf himself, Ray Winstone, working through the cut scenes in the game.

Behind The Scenes - Voice of Beowulf


'Nanostray 2' Trailer


Posted November 8, 2007 - By PryzeFighter

Set for an early 2008 release, Nanostray 2 looks to improve on the best Nintendo DS vertical shooter.  

Nanostray 2 Trailer »

"Immerse yourself in Norse mythology as Skarin, a fearsome Viking warrior fated to defend mankind and discover the secrets of his past..."

Viking: Battle for Asgard Trailer 

Our Halloween hangovers have yet to clear however the comic queen, Blair Butler, is still dishing out the surprises with the latest reviews of this week's comics.  This edition of Fresh Ink Online includes writer Geoff Johns' narration of the origins of Superman Prime, Marvel's Ultimate Power #18, autistic soldiers fighting a war in Special Forces, Infinite Halloween Special, and of course the dramatic love story of a woman and her lesbian dragon in Quasar.

Fresh Ink Online: Lesbian Dragons »


'Crysis' Gameplay Footage


Posted November 2, 2007 - By PryzeFighter

November is here.   That means over the course of the next few weeks we are going to see slew of new releases, as Sessler previously noted on his Soapbox.  The first-person sci-fi shooter Crysis, from the company behind Far Cry, is one game that is jockeying for sales in the upcoming holiday season. 

Yesterday we demoed the slick stealthy combat, now its time to take the fight to the front lines in Hell's tropical paradise.

Crysis: Stealth Beta Gameplay

Resident Evil Geek Blair Butler is back in action with another exciting week of comics and this week is rife with page turners.  Blair has fresh peeks at Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy, the undead of Marvel Zombies 2, Bendis' Powers, the premiere issue of Image Comic's Lazarus, and the Luna Brothers' new twisted tale...The Sword.  Get ready to empty your wallets...

Fresh Ink Online: Zombies, Swords & Powers »

It was a spectacular week in comics, including the launch of a few new comic series as well as some old favorites. Blair is back for another installment of Fresh Ink Online with reviews of Black Summer #3, The New Avengers #35, Living With The Dead #1, Simon Dark #1, and an amazing issue of Drain which features voluptuous vampire ninjas.  Also, Make sure to stop by the Fresh Ink Online Forum and sound off on your favorite comic books.

Fresh Ink Online: Vampire Ninja Au Go-Go »

If you can't wait until next month to start killing Russian terrorists then this is your lucky day.  The Call of Duty 4 single player demo is online and available for download over at FileFront.  Make sure to check the PC requirements and recommended specs for optimal gameplay after the jump.

FileFront: Direct link to download the Call of Duty 4 demo

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