Fans of the classic Gabriel Knight PC adventure series are already aware that game designer and novelist Jane Jensen is one of the medium's most gifted storytellers. Even those who haven't pointed-and-clicked through one of her twisty tales, though, may have recently noticed her name buzzing about the net.

Jane's pulling a Tim Schafer to fund her new studio Pinkerton Road and its first title Moebius. We recently caught up with the master mystery writer to discuss her upcoming projects, her approach to weaving an engaging yarn, and what she thinks of David Jaffe's recent rail against videogame storytelling.

What's your take on the current state of storytelling in videogames?

Jane Jensen: I'm really not an expert as I tend to focus on the games that I like and I don't play widely in other genres. But it seems like it's about what it has always been -- lots of people saying you can't do story, or wondering how it might possibly be done, and then some strong games that just do it. It's been that way since the Infocom days. There have been some good story games out recently and seems to be an uptick in interest in it.

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Team Ninja Unveils Ayane and Hitomi for Dead or Alive 5; First Impressions

Sitting down with new Team Ninja lead and Dead or Alive 5 producer, Yosuke Hayashi, it appears there's actually much more to the title than the series' signature high-kicking hotties. While the busy head honcho—Hayahi's also serving as producer on Ninja Gaiden 3—remained tight-lipped on a number of details, he offered enough teasing insight to get our thumbs twitching in anticipation of DoA5's late 2012 release.

Based on itbeing the first console title in the series since 2005—and the first without creator Tomonobu Itagaki's involvement—there has been quite a bit of curiosity surrounding Dead or Alive 5. What can players expect from this latest entry?

Yosuke Hayashi: We're revamping and redefining the fighting game; not just DoA5, but also the whole genre. We're calling it “fighting entertainment.” It follows our style, but puts everything on a much grander scale...both the way the stages behave and how the characters are more fleshed out. Additionally, dynamic backdrops, like movie climax scenes, will contribute to this whole “fighting entertainment” aspect.

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