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We are happy to finally announce the first phase of our new G4tv.com website.  Over the past year, we took a deep look at our web business and resoundingly found that while videogame content may not have proven to be viable on linear TV, it, like other more specialized interests, has found success in the “on demand” platform of the web where limited content can be consumed when and where the fans want it.  Our fun, personality-driven gaming editorial seemed to resonate best with our audience.  Our users (that’s you) told us you loved our videos, our personalities, our snarky slant on the news and our  unabashedly honest reviews and that you wanted more of all of them.  Armed with that knowledge, we set out to make G4tv.com a better destination to serve you, our users.  With a slight bit of humor and humility, we feel with our new website, finally, G4 got gaming right.

This first phase of the new site, which we are calling “Beta”, introduces our new site architecture and design.  You will notice from your very first visit to our new homepage that we have a clean new design that brings much more of our gaming content front and center and makes it more accessible.  We are also introducing a new navigation system that not only brings our gaming content front and center but also makes it easier to find our TV shows, and get to our blowout coverage of events like E3.  Our videos are now easier to access and we have dramatically improved the experience of viewing our content including HD videos, full screen video and a “dim the lights” feature so you can lean back and enjoy the show. We have even included the ability to toggle the entire site from light to dark.

Most importantly, we have vastly expanded our gaming editorial efforts and the majority of the enhancements to the site in this first phase were designed to feature that content.  We have a new editorial team in place with the mission of covering gaming in the biggest way possible.  Our Games section now houses all of our gaming news, videos, reviews, previews, trailers, cheats & screenshots.  You can break down all of our coverage by platform and we now have platform-specific landing pages for all of the current gen gaming platforms (including PC games).  Every game on the site also has a page where you can find all of the content we have to offer about that game title, regardless if it was a review from X-Play, a game trailer from a publisher, or a G4tv.com original web series.  Our search is also greatly improved in this new site.  You can now search through our extensive content indexes without leaving the page and our site-wide search makes it easier to find the specific gaming content you are looking for.

Of course, this is only the beginning for the new G4tv.com.  With Phase 1 up and running we will be quickly moving into the second phase of our new site development.  This phase will include even more gaming editorial content including game specific forums and community features, a new design to our news blog TheFeed, and all new sites for Attack of the Show and our other shows. However, I’m most excited about that fact that we plan to provide you, the users, the ability to help influence G4 in new and really cool ways. It's a BETA for a reason.  This 1st phase is only around 1/3 of what we are working on so there are going to be a few holes while we are developing the rest of it.  Going forward we will be making changes daily to get more and more of the functionality online and we'll be rolling out new sections as they are done. We have a lot of work left to do, but we feel confident that when we are done, G4tv.com will define an entirely new path for gaming coverage online.  But for now, G4tv.com is New. Improved. Awesome.

Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the direction we are going in with the new site.

Our new site, part 2


Posted August 25, 2008 - By badexec

You might have noticed by now that we have yet another new design for TheFeed.  This one is very similar to our last (but also very new) design, but with a few small changes.

For starters many of you complained that you didn't like the bright blue background, so we changed it.  More so we got a lot of complaints about the fact that we made the page white.  Well Feed readers, we value your feedback and wanted to make all of you happy.

If you look carefully, just above the ad on the top right column of the page, you can now toggle the design between light and dark.  We also made the background a little less blinding, and we even made the "white" version a "light" version to soften it up a bit.  Thanks to all of you for sounding off, even to those of you who complained.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Acer Inc. has agreed to buy Gateway Inc. for the hefty sum of $710M.  This is the latest and potentially the last in a long string of consolidations in the PC market.  Unless Dell tries to buy HP...

The proposed buyout would vault Taiwan based Acer into the number 3 spot for PC manufacturers, behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell.  The current #3 is Lenovo Group which bought out IBM's PC division two years ago.  Even more interesting, both Gateway and Lenovo have been in talks to buy out Packard Bell (the #6 manufacturer).  The deal with Acer would include the Packard Bell assets as well, giving Acer enough juice to possibly make Dell and HP squirm a little.

For you Cult of Mac folks: this would make Apple the #4 PC supplier in the US.

I for one hope that the new Acer / Gateway / Packard Bell keeps the creativity seen in the more recent Gateway commercials and those cool cow pattern boxes. 

Wall Street Journal: Acer's Gateway Purchase Vaults It Ahead of Lenovo

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Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President of  Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business is stepping down. Rumors flew this morning (thanks Kotaku) and now Reuters is reporting that it is official: Peter Moore will step down from his perch at the top of Microsoft Games to lead EA Sports.  

The official word from Microsoft states that Moore is leaving for “personal reasons and has secured another opportunity in the video games industry.” Moore has agreed to stay on with Microsoft through August before returning to the San Francisco Bay area to take on the sports lead for the world’s largest game publisher, EA.

This is big news for both Microsoft and EA.  Moore has been with Microsoft since 2003 and oversaw the launch of the XBOX 360 as well as the revamp of the company’s Games for Windows program. He will be replaced by Don Mattrick, who was previously the President of Worldwide Studios at EA before coming to Microsoft as a consultant in February of this year. Mattrick will step into the role July 30th when he will have to almost immediately deal with the $1.15B loss on XBOX 360 units failing.

Moore, who formerly was the head of marketing for Reebok and later became COO and President of SEGA of America, is a huge get for EA. The publisher’s new chief executive,John Riccitiello, reorganized EA into 4 distinct divisions last month to improve efficiency within the company. Riccitiello was quotes by Reuters as saying: “Peter is an unbelievably talented executive. When he was running Sega and their sports business, it was the only time that EA felt threatened in sports,".

TheFeed wants to know if this means new Madden tattoos for Mr. Moore. Oh, and we wish him the best of luck.

Engadget caught wind of the news that iPhone.com was snapped up by Apple for "at least 7 figures".  TheFeed hopes they mean decimal places and not gi-Joe action figures.  There were something like 4000 iPhone domains sold this year alone, but now Apple officially owns the one they really care about: http://www.apple.com/iphone , er, wait... iphone.com.

TheFeed checked, it already works. 

The squatter who sold it to them really can't be called a squatter.  After all, he bought the domain 12 years ago hoping to launch an internet based phone company.  Either that or he is the great great great great great grandson of Nostradamus.


Having spent most of our weekend with our iPhones, we’ve compiled a list of what we love and hate about the new wonder-phone from Apple. We promise it’s not all drool and fanboy-ery.  It truly is a remarkable device with a staggering list of pros and cons in tow.  Never have we been so giddy to get our hands on a gadget but does it live up to the hype?

  • First and foremost…there is a WOW factor involved in using the iPhone that is hard to describe. Using it is fun.  It makes us giggle a little.  Universally it’s been hard to get it back from anyone we’ve handed it to.   Even we find ourselves completely sucked into it at times with no connection to the world off of it’s screen.
  • However, you may not get that experience right out of the box.  Activation was / is kind of nightmarish, at least for some of us.  TheFeed waited in line for our first iPhone on Friday at an AT&T store, and bribed our way to #2 so we could be one of the first.  There was a 30 minute wait as the AT&T systems were hammered with the 6pm rush but once we were home, activation through iTunes was relatively painless.  Other members of TheFeed were far smarter and strolled into an Apple Store on Saturday to pick theirs up without waiting in lines.  At least one of our Saturday iPhones is now being referred to as the iBrick…22 hours and still waiting on the device to be activated.  We’re not the only ones having these problems apparently.

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