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We're presenting some of the best content from E3 here, in HD.

The videos will stream using GridNetwork's P2P technology which allows practically no buffer wait time = more eye candy time!! Enjoy. Check back here often, we will collect the best HD content from the E3 show floor and post it here.

* Requires PC + Windows *

Halo 3 New Trailer #2
Halo 3 New Trailer #1
Madden NFL 08
Project Gotham Racing 4
Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock
Beautiful Katamari
Naruto Rise Of A Ninja
Halo Wars
Mass Effect
Lost Odyssey
Marathon Durandal
Gears Of War Games For Windows
Age Of Empires 3 The Asian Dynasties Games For Windows
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Expansion Pack Games For Windows
BC-bts h264 HD
Blacksite E3 2007 Trailer
BourneOrigin HD720p ESRB
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - E3 Trailer (HD)
ClockSONG DOM Final 02HD
DR final
E3 2007 Dynasty Warriors Gundam trailer
EE3 CG Blur RP HD 720p
Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars (HD)
Eternal Sonata Trailer
evendim for windows 1024 768
scl e3 trailer0706 comp
SH E307 Trailer 62707 FINAL HD 720p
sst intro large
TC4 Trailer
TNA Announcement Trailer
TR trailer jun 07 h264
UT3 E3 TrailerHD
Wheelman Annouce Trailer FINALHD 720p
Grand Theft Auto IV HD Trailer

More to come - check back later today or tomorrow!

To view the clips, click on the links above. You will be asked to download and install the PowerGrid Player (don't worry, the player is designed to uninstall easily). The PowerGrid Player currently runs only on the Windows Operating System. GridNetworks will be releasing the Mac PowerGrid Connector in 2007.

Museum Sleighs Competition

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Posted December 26, 2006 - By nonG4user

Fox's bloated star-fest Night At The Museum sleighed (sorry, had to do that) the over-saturated competition at the?box office?last weekend.

Xmas day figures have not been tallied yet, but the Ben Stiller 'n' gang budgetbuster took in $30.8 million, besting Will Smith's salt-n-pepper hairstyle (i.e. "Oscar worthy") in the spellcheck deficient The Pursuit Of Happyness and keeping the holiday "underdog"?Rocky Balboa?on the ropes at 12.5 million (which still impressed nay-sayers and odds-makers who scoffed at a 60 year old man wildly throwing punches in Vegas, clearly not familiar with the slots at the Tropicana).

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test GalGal

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Posted July 23, 2006 - By nonG4user


Life immitates The Onion


Posted February 15, 2006 - By nonG4user

If you are a fan of The Onion like I am, then you read their article from exactly one year ago titled "Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades". The article mocked the razor blade wars between Schick and Gillette. Gillette came out with the Mach 3, the revolutionary razor with 3 blades - only to be outdone by Schick Razors who came out with the Quatro - with 4 blades.

Last week I almost spit out my breakfast cheerios when I read that Gillette is in fact release a 5 razor blade model, dubbed the Fusion. The Onions self proclaimed motto of "Americas Finest News Source" might not be that far off after all!

This is not the first time The Onion has crossed over into the realms of reality. Last year a major Beijing daily newspaper cited an Onion article stating that the White House was threatening to move away from Washington just like a sports team would. In another similar case, a local Sheriff was caught off guar by an Onion story regarding al-Qaida doing telemarketing calls to sell vacation homes.

Also last year, the White House actually sued The Onion to stop it from using the presidential seal.
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Posted October 14, 2005 - By nonG4user

Be the envy of all your friends, with a custom pimped out lanyard for your work or parking badge...


I like the patriotic retractable, quick release, printed lanyard with built in lip balm, myself.

iPod in your car


Posted October 5, 2005 - By nonG4user

How do you listen to your iPod music in your car?

FM Transmitters like the Griffin iTrip are terrible, static-ridden solutions.

If your car radio has an "Auxilary Input" then you can just connect your ipod directly to that, but most factory radios don't have that, and besides that solution is not that elegant.

There are hundreds of other options like an Alpine radio that was designed to interface with the iPod. You can see many more at the iLounge "in-car solutions" forum, and specifically the "pictures of real car installations" thread.

My choice is the Dension IceLink>Plus. It works by basically fooling your factory radio intto thinking that it is controlling a CD Changer. It allows you to control your iPod from  your car stereo to a limited extent, but more importantly it allows you control your iPod from your iPod, which a lot of these other solutions don't. The iPod user interface is so great and simple, no car radio solution even comes close. 

My only problem with the IceLink was that the way it mounts on your dashboard is either with strong adhesive, or by drilling some holes and mutiliating your cars interior.  To solve that I also ordered a ProClip, which has a customized mounting solution for every car model, designed to allow mounting without damaging the interior.

Treo 650 Welcome e-mail


Posted October 5, 2005 - By nonG4user

Whenever one of my friends gets a Treo 650, for some reason they hear that I'm the man to turn to for recommendations on stuff to do with it.

Since I got the Treo 650 the day it came out no one was there for me with something like this. (Actualy I ordered it through the phone from Sprint Accessories, before it was even available online or in the stores)

So here is what I wish *I* had been told when I just got the 650:

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Posted September 22, 2005 - By nonG4user

To the G4 Blog!!

You will peer deep into our convulted minds through this portal of doom.

I hope you would like it.

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