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'World of WarCraft' Hits 11 Million Subscribers
Sony Releases 15th 'EverQuest' Expansion: 'Seeds of Destruction'
'Street Fighter Alpha' 2, 3 To PSN?
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  • 'Street Fighter Alpha' 2, 3 To PSN? »
  • Thanks to ESRB ratings, PS3 fighting-game fans might get a double-dose of classic titles with Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3 for the Playstation...
  • 2970 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes, 49 seconds
Mila Kunis Plays 'World Of Warcraft'
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  • Mila Kunis Plays 'World Of Warcraft' »
  • There are plenty of reasons to adore the entity known as Mila Kunis. Aside for being "feign-death" gorgeous, she's quite the comic,...
  • 2970 days, 14 hours, 13 minutes, 49 seconds
Blizzard: 'WAR' Players Returning To 'WoW'
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  • Blizzard: 'WAR' Players Returning To 'WoW' »
  • Blizzard executive Paul Sams said that more than half of the players in Mythic Entertainment's MMORPG, Warhammer Online, are already returning to...
  • 2975 days, 13 hours, 49 seconds
Wow Patch Notes: 'World Of Warcraft' Updating For Lich King
'WoW' Character Customization Requires Fee
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  • 'WoW' Character Customization Requires Fee »
  • Hey Azeroth inhabitants, like, do you think you need a makeover? Ever wanted to wrap-up that long, lavish Night Elf hair or put that shiny Troll...
  • 2978 days, 8 hours, 49 seconds
'WoW' Player's 36 Man Solo Raids
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  • 'WoW' Player's 36 Man Solo Raids »
  • We had assumed that we'd seen every hardcore WoW player out there, but alas, the internets have proven us wrong once again. A being known as...
  • 2978 days, 12 hours, 55 minutes, 49 seconds
Galactic Civilizations 2: Endless Universe (PC)