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    Stan Lee Makes Cameo In Eureka

    When he's not writing comics or making cameos in the summer's biggest comic book movies, Stan Lee apparently has side work as a super scientist on the SyFy original series, Eureka. We knew he was...

    Posted: Aug 1, 2011

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    Tonight On AOTS: Morgan Spurlock & Stan Lee Visit And HTC Vivid Review

    Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and the legendary Stan Lee will be on Attack of the Show tonight to tell us more about their new documentary, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope! The fun continues with...

    Posted: Apr 5, 2012

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    Stan Lee at Comic-Con 2012

    It just wouldn't be Comic-Con without a visit with Stan Lee, and Kumail Nanjiani meets up with the legend himself.

    Posted: Jul 14, 2012 | 1,275 Views | 01:40

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    Stan Lee Talks Pow! Entertainment & Verticus Game

    Attack of the Show

    The legendary Stan Lee shares the latest from Pow! Entertainment and his new mobile game, Verticus, where a superhero must save Earth from alien invaders called the Obliterators.

    Posted: Nov 22, 2012

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    Stan Lee Talks Marvel's Super Hero Squad TV Show

    The legendary Stan Lee talks about the new Marvel TV Show, Super Hero Squad.

    Posted: Dec 22, 2009 | 2,153 Views | 02:50

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    Stan Lee Finally Answers The Ultimate Comic Book Question

    Marvel guru Stan Lee may have just answered one of the most pressing and integral questions in the history of comic books, nay the world. Indeed, physicists, philosophers, and mathematicians all...

    Posted: Mar 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Governator Trailer

    Last week, we mentioned that beloved action film star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is teaming up with Stan Lee to create a new comic book and cartoon series titled The...

    Posted: Apr 4, 2011 | 6 Comments

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    Morgan Spurlock & Stan Lee Talks Comic-Con Episode IV

    Attack of the Show

    Director Morgan Spurlock and the legendary Stan Lee visit 'Attack of the Show' for their new documentary about the ultimate nerd convention with 'Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope.'

    Posted: Apr 6, 2012

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    Comic-Con 2011 Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men: Destiny


    Kristin Adams hits the Comic-Con show floor to talk upcoming games Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men: Destiny with the legendary Stan Lee, Beenox Studio Head Dee Brown, and Silicon Knights Founder...

    Posted: Jul 21, 2011 | 6,251 Views | 01:57

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    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Preview with Stan Lee


    Spider-Man creator Stan Lee talks about the upcoming game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Plus, developer Dee Brown talks about the four different versions of Spider-Man in the game: Classic,...

    Posted: Aug 2, 2010 | 19,274 Views | 02:51

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    48 Hours with Olivia at Comic-Con Part 3: Panels

    Olivia Munn attends the AOTS Panel with Kevin Pereira and Casey Schreiner, meets up with Stan Lee and, of course...more fans.

    Posted: Jul 24, 2009 | 17,891 Views | 03:38

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    The Daily Feed with Sara Underwood 7.09.12

    Attack of the Show

    Sara Underwood brings the Monday news stories for The Feed, like how Michael Fassbender will star in the 'Assassin's Creed' movie, a British judge's ruling on the Samsung Tablet and the line-up for...

    Posted: Jul 9, 2012

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Teams With Stan Lee On New Comic And Cartoon

    Arnold Schwarzenegger has had some kick-ass team-ups in the past, but his latest creative collaboration is a head-scratcher: A comic book and animated series project with Stan Lee. (Yeah, let...

    Posted: Mar 31, 2011 | 2 Comments

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    Tonight On AOTS: Stan Lee & The Falcon Northwest TLX Review

    John Barrowman and Candace Bailey give thanks on this special Attack of the Show with Stan Lee in studio for his new mobile game, Verticus, Matt Mira's review of the Falcon Northwest TLX gaming...

    Posted: Nov 21, 2012

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    Stan Lee Talks About Stan Lee's World Of Heroes At Comic-Con 2012

    Stan Lee sits down with us to talk about his new YouTube channel, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. Everything from Fan Wars to Stan’s Rants can be found in one convenient place on the...

    Posted: Jul 14, 2012

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    Posted: June 22, 2011

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    Posted: January 27, 2010

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    Posted: November 12, 2010

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  • Best Nude Scenes in Video Games

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  • International Sexy Ladies Show: Wrestling in Moscow

    Posted: June 19, 2009

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