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    E3 2010: Project DUST E3 Trailer

    Assume the the role of a deity and view the Project DUST E3 Trailer from Ubisoft.

    Posted: Jun 15, 2010 | 4,249 Views | 01:26

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    E3 2010 Ubisoft Press Conference: Project Dust Demo

    Ubisoft President and CEO Yves Guillemot debuts the demo of the upcoming Project Dust. Ubisoft, in collaboration with Eric Chahi, presents a video demo of Project Dust comprised of all in-game...

    Posted: Jun 14, 2010 | 5,762 Views | 01:57

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    Hesher Review: Heavy Metal Mary Poppins

    Covering Sundance can be a daunting thing, and admittedly before I'd ever gone to the festival I thought it was just smiles and fun in the snow, watching the occasional movie. However, working at...

    Posted: May 24, 2011

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    IndieCade 2012 Winners -- Or How I Was Wrong With All My Predictions

    Like I was telling someone before the big IndieCade Awards, this year’s selection of games demonstrated an unprecedented amount of talent and creativity. Any one of these titles could easily...

    Posted: Oct 10, 2012

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    Insomniac's Ted Price PAX 2012 Speech: "All Gamers Are Creators"

    PAX Prime 12 began in a strangely fitting venue: Seattle's opulent Paramount theater. Built in 1928, The Paramount was created as a showcase for the then cutting-edge creative technology of...

    Posted: Aug 31, 2012

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    Wall-E Meets District 9 In Elysium From Elysium Comic-Con 2012 Panel

    I want to tell you how amazing Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium will be. I sat in on the panel for the District 9 director’s next project at Comic-Con 2012, and I can’t wipe the fanboy...

    Posted: Jul 14, 2012

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    Prototype 2 Beginner's Guide: Everything You Need To Know Now

    Welcome to Prototype 2 beginner's guide where we gather together all the infomation about storyline, enemies, and powers James Heller can use into one easy to use cheat sheet. Let us first start...

    Posted: Apr 24, 2012

  • Preview

    Dust 514 Hands-on Preview Part 1 -- Did Someone Order an Orbital Strike?

    Dust 514 is far from your typical shooter. Not only is it free-to-play, but it works seamlessly with EVE Online. How is this mad experiment in cross-title gaming progressing? Surprisingly, and...

    Posted: Mar 23, 2012

  • Game Review

    I Am Alive


    I Am Alive, like its world-weary protagonist, has had a hard and troubled journey, and it shows....

    Posted: Mar 7, 2012

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    Final Fantasy 13-2 Brain Blast Guide: All The Answers To The New Town (North) Terminal

    Final Fantasy 13-2 has a ton of minigames, one of which is called Brain Blast. Brain Blast is basically a quiz terminal found throughout the city of Academia. There are four Brain Blast...

    Posted: Feb 6, 2012

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    Best MMO Games Of 2012: The Ones To Watch

    The year 2012 is fast approaching, and for most MMO fans out there, it's an incredibly welcome time. The MMORPG scene is going to change dramatically in 2012, and from what we've seen via trailers...

    Posted: Dec 19, 2011

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    The Future of Motion Control: Looking Forward To The PS Vita, Wii U and More!

    The concept of motion control has been embedded in every gamer’s mind since the first person jerked an NES controller in a desperate bid to keep Mario out of a pit. From there, various...

    Posted: Oct 26, 2011

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    The Future of Action / Adventure Games: BioShock Infinite, Max Payne 3, Tomb Raider And More

    With our butts comfortably nestled into the couch and our feet firmly planted on the coffee table, we explored an expertly recreated 1940s Los Angeles in L.A. Noire, became electrified by the...

    Posted: Oct 18, 2011

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    Five Tips to Succeeding as an Indie Developer

    Manuel’s Note: I met Matt Gilgenbach of 24 Caret Games last year right year right before IndieCade when he showed off Retro/Grade. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to keep in...

    Posted: Oct 12, 2011

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  • International Sexy Ladies Show: Messy Cat Fight

    Posted: January 27, 2010

    644,696 Views | 00:49

  • Sara Underwood's Naked Bike Ride

    Posted: June 22, 2011

    1,316,284 Views | 05:20

  • Laser Snake Robots, More Mars Rovers and BigDog Is Back

    Posted: September 25, 2012

    1,290 Views | 03:00

  • NBA 2K13 Launch Trailer

    Posted: October 4, 2012

    5,601 Views | 01:53

  • Casual Vomiting - Web Soup Investigates

    Posted: March 30, 2011

    7,570 Views | 02:52

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