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  • Mega Man Online

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    Release Date:
    Dec 31, 2011
    User Rating:

    A PC online game being co-developed with South Korea's Neowiz Games.

  • Video

    Mega Man Online Debut Teaser Trailer

    Neowiz Games and Capcom have release a cinematic trailer for Mega Man Online. Even though this is just a teaser trailer you can see its post-apocalyptic world that Mega Man has to face.

    Posted: Sep 1, 2010 | 3,869 Views | 02:12

  • Mega Man Battle Network 2

    Release Date:
    Jun 12, 2002
    User Rating:

    Capcom continues Mega Man's cyber adventure series with more online chaos. Return to the futuristic universe inside cyber space and join Mega Man.EXE in the battle to fight cyber crimes in this...

  • Video

    The MMO Report: Thursday, September 9th

    Casey tells you about EVE Online's new expansion, Aion's new expansion, and Uncle Casey's Mail Bag.

    Posted: Sep 9, 2010 | 92,114 Views | 07:13

  • News

    The MMO Report: Thursday, September 9th

    Casey is back! Fresh from his domination of Mount Whitney, Schreiner came back to tell you about all the expansions that were announced at PAX for games like EVE Online and Aion. Of course we...

    Posted: Sep 9, 2010

  • Article

    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is a breath of fresh air...if you consider fresh air to be a highly addictive revamp of an arcade classic which is so fun, you'll never want to leave your house or...

    Posted: Dec 10, 2010

  • News

    Olivia Munn Talks 'Iron Man 2' and Dating with E Online

    Our own Olivia Munn, host of Attack of the Show, is on fire these days. Whether it's her cameo in Date Night, her Complex Magazine layout, or her appearance on Accidentally On Purpose, you can't...

    Posted: Apr 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

  • Game Review

    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is a breath of fresh air...if you consider fresh air to be a...

    Posted: Dec 10, 2010

  • News

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2: New Photos Of Electro And Harry Osborn

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues its twitter-touting revelations with photos giving us a completely new look at Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon aka Electro, as well as our first glimpse of Dane DeHaan...

    Posted: Apr 22, 2013

  • Article

    3D Dot Game Heroes


    3D Dot Game Heroes is an adventure worth taking, especially for Zelda fans. But it's not one without faults, including strange difficulty spikes and opportunities to accidentally miss key game...

    Posted: Apr 22, 2010

  • News

    AOTS Wednesday, May 26

    Movies and TV Michael Emerson Explains Lost Finale Lost has finally wrapped after six years on the island....

    Posted: May 26, 2010

  • News

    Mega Man Soundtrack Collection Features The Coolest Packaging Ever

    Capcom has a treat coming for Mega Man fans in Japan, in the form of a 10-disc soundtrack collection gathering together the music of the series' numbered games, from Mega Man to Mega Man 10, and...

    Posted: Jun 21, 2012

  • Preview

    Dust 514 Hands-on Preview Part 2 -- Galactic Warfare on an Individual Scale

    For part 2 of our first hands-on look at Dust 514, we finally get to see CCP's cross-platform and cross-title vision come to life before our eyes, and it was quite an impressive sight.

    Posted: Mar 28, 2012

  • News

    EVE Online "Inferno" Expansion Details Announced

    EVE Online loves its expansions, doesn't it? With Incarna, they introduced the character creator system so ripe for monocle controversy, and with Crucible, they won back just about every concerned...

    Posted: Mar 26, 2012

  • News

    Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled By Capcom

    Poor Mega Man. First Capcom canned what had been an intriguing Xbox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network release called Mega Man Universe in March. Now the publisher has pulled the plug on the cyborg...

    Posted: Jul 19, 2011

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