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    Tokyo Love Hotels with Alex Sim-Wise

    Attack of the Show

    Alex Sim-Wise ventures into the dark and steamy side of Tokyo with a trip to their infamous love hotels, where customers can rent rooms by the hour and fulfill their kinky fetishes when needed!

    Posted: Jan 18, 2011

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    A Carless Vacation

    The bicyle culture has grown exponetially over the past decade. A hobby that began as a simple way to get aroudn town has turned into a vibrant culture of bicycle enthusiasts. So it is of no...

    Posted: Jul 24, 2013

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    AOTS Wednesday, December 29

    AOTS Exclusive Alex Sim-Wise Visits Tokyo's Hostess Bars Alex Sim-Wise makes a stop at Kabukicho, the...

    Posted: Dec 29, 2010 | 1 Comment

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    Tropico 3

    Tropico 3 is a city building simulator that takes place during and after the Cold War. You are...

    Posted: Feb 16, 2010 | 14 Comments

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    Tropico 3


    Tropico 3 is a city building simulator that takes place during and after the Cold War. You are the dictator of an island nation and your people depend on you to take care of their every...

    Posted: Feb 16, 2010

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    The Collection Writer And Director Interview: Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton On Creating A Horror Sequel

    Tucked among the holiday tentpole and Oscar bait movies opening at your local cinema this weekend is Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton’s gory little horror film The Collection. The...

    Posted: Nov 30, 2012

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    G4's Knuckle Up: The Best Mobile Games - Week of September 28th

    Welcome to G4's Knuckle Up, where we bring you a byte-sized view of our five favorite mobile games every week. The phone and tablet space is filled with incredible games that will keep you busy for...

    Posted: Sep 28, 2012

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    Our 10 Favorite Zombie Games -- Load Up The Shotgun And Aim For The Head

    With the changing leaves and the crisp chill in the air, the hearts and minds of man turn to only one subject – zombies. Instead of preparing for that Halloween party, maybe you should turn...

    Posted: Sep 25, 2012

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    Star Wars Celebration 6: Behind The Scenes Of The Toy Hunter

    I was sitting in my Florida hotel room last week preparing for the onslaught that would be Star Wars Celebration VI when an ad came on for a new Travel Channel series called Toy Hunter. The show...

    Posted: Aug 29, 2012

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    Everything You Need to Know About Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC

    For the latest Battlefield 3 downloadable content pack, Close Quarters, DICE went for a more scaled-down take on the series' sprawling theaters of war. There's really no other way to put it: Close...

    Posted: Jun 18, 2012

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    Final Fantasy 13-2 Brain Blast Guide: All The Answers To The New Town (Southwest) Terminal Questions

    Final Fantasy 13-2 has a ton of minigames, one of which is called Brain Blast. Brain Blast is basically a quiz terminal found throughout the city of Academia. There are four Brain Blast...

    Posted: Feb 3, 2012

  • Preview

    Alan Wake's American Nightmare Hands-On Preview -- When Rod Serling Met Quentin Tarantino

    Alan Wake returns, this time in a downloadable effort set in a Wake-written episode "Night Springs." Sporting new enemies, powerful weapons, and a heart-pounding survival mode, American Nightmare...

    Posted: Dec 19, 2011

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    Half-Life 3 Protest Provokes Smile, An Interview

    Last week, a trio of plucky Canadian gamers decided they were tired of waiting for Half-Life 3 to come out, and rather than complain on the internet like normal people, they decided to do...

    Posted: Aug 18, 2011

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    Limbo Walkthrough: Your Guide To The Secret Level, And A Step-By-Step Guide To Earn The "No Point in Dying" Trophy

    The design of Limbo is presented in grayscale and features a silhouetted character. While the 2D look of this former XBLA exclusive is simple, its puzzle-platform gameplay is anything but...

    Posted: Aug 3, 2011

  • Preview

    Dead Island Hands-On Campaign Preview -- A Three Hour Toooour...of Hell on Earth

    We take a one hour tour of the hell on earth that is the tropical resort of Banoi, and get into as much zombie-themed mayhem as we can in our latest hands-on preview, including our first look at...

    Posted: Aug 1, 2011

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    Posted: January 27, 2010

    644,696 Views | 00:49

  • Sara Underwood's Naked Bike Ride

    Posted: June 22, 2011

    1,316,284 Views | 05:20

  • Laser Snake Robots, More Mars Rovers and BigDog Is Back

    Posted: September 25, 2012

    1,290 Views | 03:00

  • NBA 2K13 Launch Trailer

    Posted: October 4, 2012

    5,601 Views | 01:53

  • Casual Vomiting - Web Soup Investigates

    Posted: March 30, 2011

    7,570 Views | 02:52

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