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  • Jak II

    Release Date:
    Oct 15, 2003
    User Rating:

    Jak and Daxter return! After the now classic Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak is called again to save the day. Older and wiser, our hero Jak is set for a darker and harder journey through...

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    Jak II


    Jak is back and he's running through a platformed world a little darker and sinisterier than in the first game.

    Posted: Jun 26, 2003 | 602 Views | 02:46

  • Jak And Daxter Collection

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    Release Date:
    Feb 7, 2012
    User Rating:

    The Jak and Daxter Collection features all three best-selling PlayStation 2 classic hits: Jak and Daxter, Jak II and Jak 3 fully remastered in high definition and stereoscopic 3D. This collection...

  • Jak and Daxter: Limited Edition Complete Trilogy Movie DVD

    Release Date:
    Feb 1, 2007
    User Rating:

    A bonus disc given out by Sony Computer Entertainment in a special promotion, the Complete Trilogy Movie DVD gives gamers a recap of the Jak & Daxter series with a run of scenes from the game...

  • Video

    Jak And Daxter HD Collection Trailer

    Jak and Daxter are back in the Jak And Daxter Collection exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It will feature Jak and Daxter, Jak II, and Jak 3 fully remastered in high definition and stereoscopic 3D.

    Posted: Nov 21, 2011 | 5,714 Views | 01:22

  • Video

    Jak 2 Review


    Adam Sessler runs down the goods and bads for Jak 2, the new Jak & Daxter sequel.

    Posted: Nov 11, 2003 | 1,861 Views | 03:00

  • Video

    Jak & Daxter - Gamplay

    Jak and his little buddy Daxter are out to save the world via jumping and spinning.

    Posted: Jan 8, 2002 | 1,195 Views | 01:45

  • News

    Naughty Dog Celebrates Jak And Daxter's 10 Year Anniversary By Sending Us A Precursor Orb

    In honor of the 10th year anniversary of Jak and Daxter, Naughty Dog sent us this amazing Precursor Orb! Usually I send people presents for big occasions like this, but I definitely don't mind...

    Posted: Dec 8, 2011

  • News

    Jak and Daxter HD Collection Coming In January?

    South African online retailer BT Games has listed a Jak and Daxter HD Collection for a January release. Sony hasn't confirmed (or denied) that the collection is in the works, but I have to say...

    Posted: Oct 3, 2011

  • Article

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West


    Enslaved is a return to form for linear, single player IPs. It may be too rigidly structured for its own good, but a lovable cast, solid combat, and great pacing do well to make it an adventure...

    Posted: Oct 5, 2010

  • News

    Mark Hamill Was Never Asked To Voice A Star Wars Video Game

    You'd think it'd be natural for LucasArts to ask Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, to be part of one of the many Star Wars video games that have been produced over the years. PC Zone recently spoke...

    Posted: Jan 5, 2010

  • Article

    Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier


    Jak is back! One of Sony's quirkiest duos continues their story onward from Jak III, as the stalwart and wise-cracking heroes struggle to uncover more secrets of the eco. Sky pirates, huge cities...

    Posted: Nov 3, 2009

  • Game Review

    Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier

    Jak is back! One of Sony's quirkiest duos continues their story onward from Jak III, as the...

    Posted: Nov 3, 2009 | 15 Comments

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    Jak and Daxter Collection Coming In February -- Will Jak Be My Valentine?

    Sony has announced the release date of the Jak and Daxter Collection. Get ready to collect all of the precursor orbs on February 7 exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The collection will come packed...

    Posted: Jan 24, 2012

  • News

    Indie Games: The Best Steam Games You've Already Forgotten About

    Every year, there are more amazing indie games that slip through your fingers than titles on store shelves. If anything, this year proved that these small development teams have yet to exhaust...

    Posted: Nov 15, 2011

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