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    X-Play's How To Review Video Games


    With X-Play no longer around, how will you get your game reviews? With these tips from Morgan Webb and the X-Play staff, it's simple. You'll make them on your own.

    Posted: Jan 23, 2013 | 8,618 Views | 03:48

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    Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar Review Video

    Can the Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar really teach you how to play a real guitar? Abbie Heppe and J.P. "The Rocker" Shub try out the Pro Guitar to give you a review on this advance musical instrument.

    Posted: Oct 22, 2010 | 23,956 Views | 05:13

  • Video

    Rock Band 3 Endless Setlist Achievement Video

    Abbie Heppe, J.P. Shub, and Matt Keil attempt to complete the Endless Setlist mode in Rock Band 3. Can they complete all the songs or will they end up in a pool of failure? Find out if Abbie and...

    Posted: Oct 21, 2010 | 21,039 Views | 06:11

  • Video Feature

    Feedback -- Halo: Reach, Post-Tokyo Game Show Edition

    On this week's Feedback, Kevin Kelly, Abbie Heppe, J.P. Shub, and Nikole Zivalich discuss TGS 2010, Halo: Reach, and it's always good to have a pheromone-filled water gun.

    Posted: Sep 22, 2010 | 43,182 Views | 44:32

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    Feedback -- Halo: Reach Beta And Activision + Bungie Lovefest Edition

    Thanks for making so much news lately, Activision! Adam Sessler, Andrew Pfister, J.P. Shub, Abbie Heppe and Patrick Klepek head into the studio to discuss this massive partnership, the Halo: Reach...

    Posted: May 5, 2010 | 24,325 Views | 50:51

  • Video Feature

    X-Play 1000th Behind The Scenes: On The Set With Morgan


    Check it out as the X-Play staff jokes on the set while filming the X-Play 1000th Episode. In this X-Play 1000th Behind the Scenes clip, Morgan Webb offers to share some of her Cantaloupe with...

    Posted: Feb 1, 2010 | 5,600 Views | 00:45

  • Video Feature

    Behind The Scenes of the Rock Band Network


    John Drake, Program Manager for the Rock Band Network, explains how the new program will allow indie bands to add their own music to the Rock Band store. Find out what tools will be available to...

    Posted: Jan 11, 2010 | 4,073 Views | 02:46

  • Video Feature

    X-Play Comedy: Real Life Achievements 12.14.2009


    When your gaming life starts to bleed into your regular life you know you're in trouble. Find out what happens to the X-Play staff as they start handing out Real Life Achievements in this X-Play...

    Posted: Dec 14, 2009 | 27,469 Views | 01:47

  • News

    Our Five Favorite Games of 2010: J.P. Shub

    J.P. Shub is a Supervising Producer for X-Play. Hailing from Arizona, J.P. is an ultra cool rock god (seriously, he's in a band and everything), but don't let the exterior fool you: he's a geek at...

    Posted: Dec 17, 2010

  • Preview

    Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Hands-On

    X-Play's J.P. Shub journeyed to Bungie and got his hands on the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, and tested out the new Armor Abilities, Jet Packs, and Assassinations.

    Posted: Apr 21, 2010

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    Posted: June 24, 2010

    3,642 Views | 02:27

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    Posted: October 25, 2010

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    Posted: December 12, 2008

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