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    Diablo III X-Play Exclusive Preview


    The quintessential monster-killing, loot-grabbing series returns with Diablo III, and Morgan Webb here sits with Sr. Designer Jason Bender for an early look at character classes Barbarian, Wizard,...

    Posted: Feb 9, 2011 | 39,705 Views | 03:16

  • Video Preview

    Diablo III PvP Hands-On Preview


    In this Diablo III PvP hands-on preview, Morgan Webb visits with Sr. Designer Jason Bender to talk player vs. player and why it makes for such a great fit with the Diablo franchise.

    Posted: Feb 8, 2011 | 53,798 Views | 03:13

  • Video

    Diablo 3 Talkabout

    Leah Jackson and Steve Johnson break down the different ways to play Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo 3 in this Talkabout.

    Posted: May 22, 2012 | 6,085 Views | 07:02

  • Video

    Steelseries Diablo 3 Gaming Gear Review

    In this episode of Tech Junkies, Leah Jackson and Rob Manuel takes a look at Steelseries' Diablo 3 headset, mouse, and mousepads.

    Posted: May 17, 2012 | 11,507 Views | 06:19

  • Video

    BlizzCon 2011 Cosplay Contest


    There's cosplay, and then there's BlizzCon cosplay. Adam Sessler rounds up this year's action, and takes a look at the winners of the Jay Mohr-hosted official BlizzCon cosplay contest.

    Posted: Nov 8, 2011 | 19,052 Views | 02:42

  • Video Preview

    Diablo 3 Story Preview


    Storytelling in games has changed a lot since Diablo 2, and while on a Blizzard visit Adam Sessler talked with Diablo 3 SVP of Story & Development Chris Metzen for a look at how they've adapted...

    Posted: Aug 15, 2011 | 13,438 Views | 02:54

  • Video Preview

    Diablo 3 Combat Preview In Depth


    Adam Sessler and Blair Herter go further in depth with what we learned about Diablo 3 from Blizzard Game Dir. Jay Wilson, including a deeper look at mixed reactions to newly announced real-money...

    Posted: Aug 8, 2011 | 14,327 Views | 01:42

  • Video Preview

    Diablo 3 Combat Preview


    In this Diablo 3 gameplay preview, Blair Herter visits with Game Dir. Jay Wilson for a look at combat, abilities, Battle.net service, and new auction house with real-money transactions.

    Posted: Aug 8, 2011 | 37,470 Views | 02:37

  • Video Preview

    Diablo 3 Gameplay Preview


    Adam Sessler descends upon the Blizzard campus and gets his hands on the Diablo 3 beta, and visits with Exec. VP Rob Pardo to talk combat, loot gathering, character classes, and more.

    Posted: Aug 3, 2011 | 20,429 Views | 03:21

  • Video Feature

    Sessler's Soapbox: Diablo 3's Auction House

    Sessler's Soapbox

    Adam discusses the good and bad sides of Blizzard introducing a real money auction house into Diablo 3.

    Posted: Aug 2, 2011 | 24,160 Views | 05:39

  • Preview

    Diablo 3 PvP Preview: Devil vs. Devil


    We go head-to-head with Diablo 3's PvP component and make the trip back from Hell.

    Posted: Feb 7, 2011

  • News

    Angry Over Changes To Diablo III

    Warning: Contains some profanity. When a rant begins with "I log into my clan message board this morning," you pretty much know where this is going. Visceral rage over changes made to...

    Posted: Aug 11, 2011 | 13 Comments

  • Video Preview

    Diablo III Gameplay Preview


    In this Diablo III preview, Morgan Webb visits with Game Director Jay Wilson for an early look at the new skill and Runestone systems and how they'll affect the series' ever evolving gameplay in...

    Posted: Dec 13, 2010 | 33,105 Views | 02:57

  • Video Preview

    Diablo III All Access Preview


    Announced a few years ago, Diablo III is still keeping us waiting. But at Gamescom 2010, Jay Wilson did reveal some new features, and Adam Sessler got a look in this all access preview.

    Posted: Aug 25, 2010 | 11,294 Views | 02:36

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