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  • Castlevania Judgment

    Release Date:
    Nov 20, 2008
    User Rating:

    The Castlevania franchise stakes out some new territory with its first-ever fighting game! Castlevania: Judgment assembles the greatest vampire hunters in history (including members of the fabled...

    G4TV Rating
    1 / 5

  • Game Review

    Castlevania Judgment


    Castlevania is back for the Wii with Castlevania Judgment. Will the myth of the series be...

    Posted: Nov 21, 2008

  • Video

    Castlevania Judgment Review


    Get out your Nunchuks, it's time to hunt us some vampires! In this X-Play review, we dodge Dracula to take a look at the Nintendo Wii exclusive Castlevania Judgment.

    Posted: Nov 21, 2008 | 30,297 Views | 02:23 | 28 Comments

  • Video

    Castlevania Judgment Trailer

    Konami brings the legendary Castlevania series into the realm of fighting with Castlevania Judgment for the Nintendo Wii.

    Posted: Sep 26, 2008 | 5,009 Views | 01:00 | 2 Comments

  • Video Preview

    Castlevania Judgment Preview

    Preview for the upcoming release from the Castlevania series.

    Posted: Sep 4, 2008 | 4,214 Views | 02:48 | 1 Comment

  • Video Feature

    G-Phoria '09: Game Most Deserving of a Uwe Boll Movie


    Blair Herter announces the winner of G-Phoria '09 Game Most Deserving of a Uwe Boll Movie. Nominees include 'Golden Axe: Beast Rider', 'Castlevania Judgment', 'Legendary', 'Onechanbara: Bikini...

    Posted: Aug 5, 2009 | 6,435 Views | 01:25

  • Video Feature

    Things We'd Love To Kill


    Sometimes, things have to die, and X-Play is aware of that, so here is a list of 13 of them, including Wii Shovelware, Tony Hawk games, and our old friend Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Posted: Feb 13, 2009 | 49,492 Views | 05:57 | 42 Comments

  • Video Feature

    Gamertag: Castlevania for the Wii


    Gamertag discovers that he can play 'Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse' on his Nintendo Wii and wonders why you would build a castle with no stairs or ramps in it. Jeez.

    Posted: Feb 9, 2009 | 2,390 Views | 01:47 | 11 Comments

  • Video

    Castlevania: Judgement

    Donna Park interviews the legendary creator of the Castlevania franchise, Koji Igarashi about Castlevania Judgement. This 3d fighting game brings together all the heroes and villains from the whole...

    Posted: Nov 26, 2008 | 506 Views | 03:20 | 1 Comment

  • Video

    'Castlevania Judgment' German Trailer

    Simon Belmont, Dracula, and Alucard are all back in another adventure with Konami's Castlevania Judgment. The action title is set for release on November 18th, 2008 for the Nintendo Wii.

    Posted: Aug 20, 2008 | 619 Views | 02:11

  • News

    A Brief History of Castlevania: Part One

    It's hard to believe that we're coming up on 24 years of Castlevania, the franchise that keeps on putting the undead down. With Harmony of Despair coming out today, and Lords of Shadow spawning...

    Posted: Aug 4, 2010

  • News

    'Castlevania Judgment' Review

    Did you get enough of Castlevania after watching the review for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia? TOO BAD! We've got hot-hot-hot vampire slaying action coming out our ears. We're Castlevania squared...

    Posted: Nov 21, 2008 | 9 Comments

  • News

    'Castlevania Judgment' Launch Trailer Includes Character Bios And Cinematic Intro

    The deluge of launch trailers keeps rolling with Konami dropping their 5 minute plus trailer featuring character bios, the opening cinematic and more for Castlevania Judgment. Out of the entire...

    Posted: Nov 17, 2008 | 2 Comments

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