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No Doubt Scarring Millions for Life: This gallery of ‘60s and ‘70s Hong Kong comic book covers makes Grand Theft Auto look like Dick and Jane.

For the True Hello Kitty Collector: Now you can be buried beneath a Japanese pop-culture headstone. (If you live in Japan.)

Cooler-Looking than Sim City: Create your own stencil city with this Flash app called Konstruktor.

Let’s Play Chicken
The Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has a new series airing this Sunday, and it’s a doozy: Robot Chicken. Produced by actor Seth Green, the show takes classic and not-so-classic action figures and animates them in pop-culture parodies, with characters voiced by celebrities such as Burt Reynolds, Michelle Geller, and Freddie Prinze, Jr. Co-writers Tom Root and Douglas Goldstein revealed that the original name for the show was “Junk in the Trunk”—but they renamed it after eating at Chinese restaurant that had a dish called, yes, “robot chicken.”

We’ll have a web-exclusive interview with them tomorrow. Until then, check out the show page at adultswim.com, and program your TiVo for Feb. 20 at 11:30 p.m.

The Feed
In tech topics…

Robot Army One Step Closer: The U.S. Army’s “Future Combat” program gets more funding in the new budget.

Well, PCs Are Hard To Operate Without It: Microsoft is giving out anti-spyware software for free.

Who Will Watch the Watchers?
Adware companies may be paying to anti-spyware developers to remain anonymous.

GTA: Lawsuit City: A new spate of lawsuits erupts over Grand Theft Auto and its alleged influence on teenage minds.

User Created: 30-Second Horror Movies
We experienced many moments of terror looking at submissions for this User Created challenge, but that didn’t stop us from selecting some favorites to show on the air. (Look for a clip from the show on the website soon.)

For next week’s User Created challenge, we want you to create the most amazing sculpture out of leftover CDs that you can muster. Take a picture of it and send it in to our gmail account: usercreated@gmail.com.

Here are some examples of cool CD projects:

The AOL CD Throne

101 Uses for an AOL CD

61 Things to do With an AOL CD

To enter, copy the release form found here and paste it into your email. Be sure to put “CD sculpture” in the subject line.

The Amazing Palmtari
Kevin R. took an old Sony Clie PDA and wrapped it inside an Atari 2600 Missile Command cartridge. Why? Because it looks cool, and it’s a mod that won’t cost much.

First, remove the sticker from the cartridge of your choice; be careful not to rip it. Remove the screw that’s uncovered, squeeze the sides, and pop open the cartridge. Remove the module inside. Then obliterate the plastic rails with dremel tool. Trace then cut out a hole for the PDA screen, and drill a hole on the end for the stylus. Place the innards of your PDA into the cartridge, then seal it with the tail end of another cartridge. Voila!

Live Calls
Phillip of Auburn, Calif. wanted to know how long it takes the Robot Chicken team to make a 5 minute show.

Tom and Douglas said that one animator can do about 12 seconds of stop-motion animation in a day.

Jason from St. Louis wanted to know more about their animation process.

The team uses digital cameras, and shoots the action frame by frame. The animators also use something called Lunchbox, which lets them know if the increments are correct. They also use Mac G4 computers for most of their work.

Sarah’s Damn Good Website
Witness or enter high-quality Photoshop contests galore at worth1000.com.

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robot chicken
Ten Minutes with the "Robot Chicken" Guys

Douglas Goldstein and Tom Root talk about their new series on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

User Created Challenge: CD Sculptures

Send us pics of your coolest sculpture using old CDs. We'll put our favorites on the show.