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Gifts Over $300

Looking for something special for the geek in your life? Find out what gifts you can buy when you have money to spend. Other gift ideas:
It's Time for Our LAN Party!
Ever wanted to face off against TSS crew members? Every Thursday "The Screen Savers" will host a LAN party during the live broadcast of the show. You must register to participate.

Online Shopping Tips
Scott Wainner of talks about how to get the best deals when you're shopping online for the holidays. His book, "The Book of Overclocking" can be purchased online.

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Question of the day: Can porn stop government overthrows?
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Download of the day: Pocket Exbert
Megan shows you how to use jargon even if you don't know any.

Faster video performance
Advanced video card tweaks.

Site of the Nite: No Limits Roller Coaster Simulation
Download a free trial version of this virtual thrill ride.

Speedy broadband
John Navas of The Navas Group explains why you must resist the temptation to force your connection into "duplex mode" in an effort to gain more speed. For more on optimizing broadband, read John's tips and tricks.

Electric drag racing
Patrick meets the ecofriendly speed freaks of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA).

Wireless and mobile tip: Cellphone spare parts
Where to go when you're fixing your phone.

Enter the Mesmer/Toxic Grind giveaway
Get a chance to win a free Xbox game, the game soundtrack CD, and a Nokia 3390 cellphone.

Leo's book
Help Leo's book become No. 1 by buying a copy now.

Boot Camp tip
To check the status of incoming flights, visit FlightView.

Live Calls
Boot Camp call
Matthew in San Antonio has a Pentium II-based laptop that needs a new LCD. The repair shop says it'll cost $500. Should he pay the money, or should he just use it as a secondary computer with a monitor?

It's still a viable computer, so you should consider salvaging it. One option is to buy an LCD and fix it yourself. You can buy the parts from The catch is that repairing the LCD on a laptop is a tricky task. Considering the cost of parts and the amount of labor needed, $500 isn't such a bad deal.

If you really need a laptop, you might just consider taking that $500 and use it toward a new laptop. For example, the IBM R Series laptop sells for about $900. You'll have to come up with a few more dollars but it might be worth it.

One way to come up with cash is to sell your broken laptop on eBay. Make it clear that it's broken but repairable. You might be able to get $50 to $100 for it.

Agoia Athlons
Tal in Washington, DC, is wondering if he should buy an Agoia AMD Athlon processor.

The Agoia Athlons are marketed by resellers as chips that tolerate overclocking. However, they cost much more than regular Athlons. Why buy an Agoia chip when you can buy a faster, standard CPU for the same amount of money?

For more research about Agoia chips, visit the forums at and visit

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