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House Call: Wil Wheaton
Martin Sargent impresses the ladies with his tech prowess, while Kevin Rose teaches Wheaton how to install a CD burner in Linux. Also, Wheaton reveals what classic games delight his inner geek.
MP3 Jukebox Roundup
We take a look at several software MP3 jukeboxes and compare their features and usability.

Catalog Your Collection
Wish you had a database to track your DVD library, MP3s, CDs, and other collectibles? Leo shows us how to use FileMaker, an easy-to-use database program.

More From This Episode
Question of the day
What would a day without the Internet be like?
Vote in our poll and join our Talkback discussion.

Download of the Day
Megan shows you a handy program that'll allow you to shut down with one touch.
Get the download.

Money in Politics
During the news at the top of the show, Leo mentioned OpenSecrets.org, a non-partisan, non-profit research group that tracks money in politics and its effect on elections and public policy.

Site of the Nite
Name That Beard is just the site you've been waiting for -- a scientific, accurate way to test your knowledge of celebrity facial hair.

Professor Ed Felten
This unassuming computer science professor was threatened by the RIAA for cracking copy protection technology and teaching it to his students. The RIAA backed off, but now Felten is fighting the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act. Who will win?
Read all about it.

'Fresh Gear'
Fresh Gear host Sumi Das gives us the skinny on satellite radio.
Read the reviews.

Windows tip
Wouldn't it be nice to have a "No to All" option when moving a group of files that include duplicates? Look no further -- Morgan shows you a nifty little secret of XP.

Meet 'The Screen Savers'
Now's your chance to talk to a real, live "Screen Saver" in a town near you:

Leo's book
Help Leo's book become No. 1 by buying a copy now.

Boot Camp tip
You can add weather reports to your website by using WeatherPixie.

Live Calls
Largest attack ever nearly cripples Net
Paul Vixie of the Internet Software Consortium talks about the Internet attack that tried to bring the Internet to its knees yesterday.
Learn more about the attack.

Boot Camp call
Jesse in North Highlands, California, has a Windows XP PC that restarts when you try to shut it down. How can he fix this?

This is a common problem in Windows, regardless of the version. Try the following:
  • Try turning off the your antivirus software. Sometimes antivirus software can hinder your shutdown.
  • Turn off any software you are running in the background.

Read Microsoft's Knowledge Base article covering this issue in detail.

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MP3 Jukebox Software Legacy Article Image
MP3 Jukebox Software

Turn your old PC into an MP3 jukebox.

Talkback: The Day the Net Went Down

If the Web collapsed, could you survive?

House Call: Wil Wheaton Legacy Article Image
House Call: Wil Wheaton

Kevin and Martin help the actor/activist install a CD burner in Linux.