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Jason Lee 'Just Says No' To Gaming
The pro skater turned pro actor talks to Martin about Stealing Harvard and how he's sworn off "Tony Hawk" for good... for now.
Photoshop's Alpha Channels
Digital artist Bert Monroy teaches us how alpha channels in Photoshop are used to create special effects. Learn more about Bert's book, Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy. You can also get more information about PhotoshopWorld in Tampa, Florida.

Multi-Boot Madness
TSS viewer Richard Robbins demonstrates how he installed over 30 different operating systems on his PC.

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Meet Leo and Patrick
Your favorite hosts are going to be in Maryland on September 28 and 29. Now's you chance to meet them.
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Question of the day
Would you cheat at an online game?
Vote in our poll and join our Talkback discussion.

Site of the Nite
At Drive Me Insane!, you can make Paul Mathis nuts by turning his lights on and off from afar.

Download of the Day
A free, customizable, multipurpose, power user gizmo from Steve Gibson.
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Twisted List
Megan Morrone counts down the six essential school supplies available online.

Wireless and Mobile Tip
Find out how to connect two PCs directly and wirelessly.
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Live Calls
Host Web server
Scott in Traverse, Michigan, wants to know more about hosting a Web server.

The speed of the computer can affect your site's performance on the Web. If you have an older machine, it might be fine if a few dozen people throughout the day visit your site. If you think you're going to get more traffic, you need a faster PC, or you need to accept the fact that visitors to your site will wait longer for your site to download.

When you set up your Web server, you can issue out your IP address as your URL. If you want an actual name, such as, you need to register it.

If you have a dynamic IP address and you want to host a Web server, you need to use a service that redirects people to your site. Try Dynamic DNS Network Services.

If you use Analog X's SimpleServer, you can set up a Web server in less than two minutes. Watch Leo do it.

Boot Camp tip
Earlier this week we talked about the Windows XP Service Pack 1. If you don't want to download the huge file, you can download an alternative called XPdite from GRC.

Boot Camp call
Brian in Claremont, California, thinks he has a virus in his brand-new computer. It runs just as slow as his old computer, and it always seems to be busy. He has Morpheus installed on his computer.

Chances are Brian has a Trojan horse in his PC. The Trojan is running operations in the background, taking away resources.

To get rid of the Trojan, you need to run an antivirus software package without having the Trojan running. If the Trojan is running, you won't be able to delete it.

Get an antivirus package that has a bootable floppy or CD-ROM. You'll need to boot using this disk and then run the antivirus software to get rid of the Trojan.

Automated website features
Doug in Texas is creating a rugby website. He plans to post new articles daily and allow exclusive membership benefits. How can he automate the password-issuing process so he doesn't have to do it manually?

Sounds like what you need is a complete content-management system. Here are some tools:

If you're going to charge people money, you'll need an automated billing system. Try searching Google for "website subscription billing."

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