Artist Dion Socia, $500 Gaming PC, Digital Digs Winners

Episode #1144

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Dion Socia
Be a Caricature Artist

Caricature artist Dion Socia shows us how to draw wacky digital caricatures of your family and friends.
sub-$500 PCs
$500 Gaming PC

Build a top-performing PC for your videogames without going broke.

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Today's hosts
Your hosts for the show are Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton.

Today's news

Digital Digs winners
Find out who won the Circuit City shopping spree.

Sarah's Web tip: Videogame soundtracks
Some people listen to Snoop Dogg, some listen to Yanni. Maybe you want to listen to "Tetris." The Videogame Music Archive has a comprehensive archive of downloadable videogame music. You can download the themes from "Final Fantasy," "Zelda," and more.

Wired News Vaporware Awards
Writer Leander Kahney reveals the 10 tech products Wired News readers thought should have made it to market, but didn't.

Join our LAN party!
Frag fellow fans and staff members in the only live, televised LAN party in the world. Our LAN party is held every Thursday, but you must register to participate.

Sarah's Web tip: Gaming performance
Nvidia is nice enough to equip our LAN party with the fastest PCs on the planet. But not everybody is as lucky as we are. Find out how you can squeeze every bit of speed out of your gaming rig by using Robert Heron's tips.

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Listen to Leo this weekend
Leo talks tech on the radio on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. Pacific. Listen live anywhere in Southern California or via the Internet on KFI's website.

Answers to Your Questions
Mac DVD copies
Nick in Prairie du Sac, Wisc., bought a new Mac with a SuperDrive. He wants to make legal backups of his commercial DVDs. How can he do this?

Leo suggests using DVDBackup. It's a free Mac application that lets you make legal backups of your DVDs.

Stop spyware
Max in Mantua, N.J., can't get rid of the spyware on his computer.

We recommend Ad-aware or Spybot - Search & Destroy. Both are free applications that scan your computer and delete spyware. If those two applications can't help you, Leo recommends PestPatrol.

Artist Dion Socia, $500 Gaming PC, Digital Digs Winners Legacy Article Image


Be a Caricature Artist Legacy Article Image
Be a Caricature Artist

Draw wacky digital caricatures of your family and friends.

Sub-$500 Gaming PC, Vol. 3 Legacy Article Image
Sub-$500 Gaming PC, Vol. 3

Patrick built a high-performance gaming PC for less than Dan paid for his graphics card. Here's how he did it.

Sub-$500 Gaming PC Legacy Article Image
Sub-$500 Gaming PC

How you can save some cash when building a PC for your games. From 'The Screen Savers'