Adrian Lamo, TiVo Hacks, Xbox Mods

Episode #2263

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homeless hacker
The Wandering Hacker
Adrian Lamo talks about an old-school method of hacking: Dumpster diving. Ahh, you laugh, but you'll be surprised at what Lamo found in the dumpster of a certain telecommunications company.
tivo (techlive)
Law-Abiding TiVo Tweaks

Leo has been scouring the Web for TiVo-theme sites, and he's ready to guide you through some of the best TiVo tricks he's come across. Best of all, you don't have to break any laws.

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Today's hosts
Your hosts for the show are Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton.

Chat with Jessica
Join our chat room and tell Jessica about funny sites on the Web. Her screen name is BigRedJ.

Sarah's blog
Sarah is updating her blog during the live show. Find out what happens behind the scenes.

Today's news

Jessica's Windows tip: Back up media licenses
If you have licensed media files, you should back them up once in a while. If you buy a new computer, you'll want to be able to play them. Here's how to back them up:
  1. In Windows Media Player, click the Tools menu and select License Management.
  2. In the section labeled "Back up or restore location," enter the path to where you want to save the backup. You can use the Change button to navigate to your specific area.
  3. Click "Back Up Now" to perform the backup.

TechTV's Digital Digs
Did you enter TechTV's Digital Digs sweepstakes? Watch "The Screen Savers" this Friday, July 11, to see who gets the tech makeover.

Dark Deal: Mod your Xbox
Find out what chips modders are using to add new functionality to the popular gaming console.

On This Day
In 1992, five members of the Masters of Deception hacking ring were indicted on charges of computer tampering, fraud, wire fraud, illegal wiretapping, conspiracy, and violation of federal privacy laws.

Tonight on 'Tech Live'
You know the story: Henry Ford invented and built the Model T, revolutionizing the way all sorts of products are made. Tonight on "Tech Live" step back in time to take a look at a true innovator.

Jessica's Windows tip: Restore media licenses
Microsoft lets you restore media licenses to four computers. If you reformat your hard drive, it's considered a new computer. Now that you know how to back up media licenses, here's how to restore them:
  1. In Windows Media Player, click the Tools menu and select License Management.
  2. Click the "Restore Now" button.

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'Pirates of the Caribbean'
Animator Hal Hickel of ILM talks about the effects for the movie. Read a review of the movie by Kris Kosach of "Tech Live."

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If you're going to be in the San Francisco Bay area and you'd like to join "The Screen Savers" live on the set, here's how you can request tickets.

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Answers to Your Questions
Stream TV
Nick in Dayton, Ohio, wants to stream a TV signal over the Internet. How can he do this with Macs?

You can use QuickTime and its streaming server, but it's expensive. Leo says to try VideoLAN. It's free and open-source. If you don't like it, you can go to QuickTime.

Adrian Lamo, TiVo Hacks, Xbox Mods Legacy Article Image


Law-Abiding TiVo Tweaks Legacy Article Image
Law-Abiding TiVo Tweaks

Kick that TiVo into high gear with navigation shortcuts, playlist-sorting options, and commercial-skipping codes.

Xbox Mod: Mod Chips Legacy Article Image
Xbox Mod: Mod Chips

The Dark Tipper explores the electronic underground that turns Microsoft's gaming platform into a cheap, powerful computer, Monday at 11:30 p.m. Eastern on 'Unscrewed.'