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X-Play’s Morgan Webb and Blair Herter present television's most-watched gaming show, with reviews, previews, tips, tricks, interviews and all of the information you can handle about the videogames that you love, and love to hate.
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How did you first get into gaming?
What games made you a big fan?

In elementary school, I was in an afterschool bowling
league. My mom worked late on Fridays so I always
had time to kill after my games while I waited for her
to pick me up. The bowling alley was attached to a
Showbiz Pizza. Showbiz Pizza had an arcade in it
(next to the nightmarish animatronic bear band).
That arcade had Altered Beast. The rest is history.

If you had a superpower,
what would it be?

The ability to make people believe whatever I want
them to believe. *looks deeply into your eyes and
enters your brain* THESE ANSWERS ARE

What's the most important
lesson you've ever learned
from videogames?

Never walk past the corpse of a gremlin, ghoul, or orc
without checking its pockets. Chances are one of
them was carrying some sweet loot.

What would we be surprised
to know about you?

I am a HUGE musical theater
geek. Hugh Jackman in The
Boy From Oz
> Hugh Jackman in
X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Who haven't you met that
you're dying to meet?

Well, TECHNICALLY I've already met Drew Brees.
However, it was only for a brief "stalked him for an
awkward photo" moment so it doesn't count. He and I
both know that we've got a lot to talk about so I'm looking
forward to being invited to dinner at his house. Then it'll
be official.

If your hand were
made of chocolate,
would you eat it?

(that's me typing my answer with my stump)

You get to have one
other person in your
space capsule…
who is it?

The Silver Surfer.
Pretty sure he
could handle
any outer space-
related problem
that may arise.

What's one thing you'll
never outgrow?

Most kids think that ice cream is an important
part of a well-rounded breakfast. Those pesky
adults at the FDA disagree. I will ALWAYS side
with the kids on this one.

If you were a G4 fan,
what would you ask you?

What was Road Rules like?

If they made a videogame
about New Orleans, what
would you want to see in it?

Since the ESRB does not currently have a rating that
covers the type of content this game would undoubtedly
have I'd prefer to not speculate about it at this time.

X-Play Team