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  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Mar 20, 2006
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Titles rated "Mature (M)" may be suitable for ages 17 and older. They may include more intense violence or language than products rated "Teen" as well as mature sexual themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Congratulations. You're now part of the most infamous crime family in film, the Corleones. Navigate the New York mob underworld from 1945-55 to rise through the ranks and rule the city. Intimidate or negotiate: the choice is yours. How you balance loyalty and fear will provoke lasting consequences, altering how characters perceive you and shaping the storyline. Non-linear missions feature both classic moments from the film and others created specially for this game. Cinematic visuals, story help from Godfather Returns author Mark Winegardner, and the voices/likenesses of greats including James Caan, Robert Duvall, and the late Marlon Brando make this an overall gaming experience worthy of the mighty Godfather legacy.
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The Godfather: The Game Cheats

  • $5,000

    Press Start to pause your game, then submit the following code. There is a five minute lockout before a code can be re-enabled.

    Code: X, Y, X(2), Y, click Left Analog-stick

  • All movies

    Press Start to pause your game, then submit the following code. There is a five minute lockout before a code can be re-enabled.

    Code: Y, X, Y, X(2), click Left Analog-stick

  • Full ammunition

    Press Start to pause your game, then submit the following code. There is a five minute lockout before a code can be re-enabled.

    Code: Y, Left, Y, Right, X, click Right Analog-stick

  • Full Health

    Press Start to pause your game, then submit the following code. There is a five minute lockout before a code can be re-enabled.

    Code: Left, X, Right, Y, Right, click Left Analog-stick

  • Regarding Sollozzo

    "The Alley" mission

  • Five Shots

    "The Don Is Dead" mission

  • Mr. Woltz

    "Death To The Traitor " mission

  • The Don Is Dead

    Collect 40 film reels

  • Trigger Too Tight

    "Horseplay" mission

  • Unlimited ammunition and $1 million

    Reach the "Don Of New York City" rank at a 91.5% game completion. REMEMBER: you will get unlimited ammunition for all of your guns only. Bombs, dynamite, and Molotov Cocktails are not infinite, and melee weapons can still wear out.

  • No heat for entering parked cars

    When you reach the rank of Underboss, when you enter parked cars you will not get any heat.

  • No heat when stealing cars

    Reach the "Underboss" rank to have no heat when a parked car is stolen.

  • Luca's Demise

    Collect 30 film reels

  • Carlo Goes For A Ride

    "It's Only Business" mission

  • Don Sends Luca On An Errand

    Collect 20 film reels

  • Sonny And Tom Argue Again

    "Fireworks" mission

  • Sonny And Tom Disagree

    "Intensive Care" mission

  • Sorry Sally

    Collect 100 film reels

  • Meeting With Sollozzo

    "A Grave Situation" mission

  • Spoiled Guinea Brat

    "The Silent Witness" mission

  • Whack Paulie

    Collect 55 film reels

  • Where's Michael?

    "Now it's Personal" mission

  • Good Morning Mr. Woltz

    Collect 70 film reels

  • Sonny At The Tollbooth

    Collect 85 film reels

  • Johnny Fontane

    Collect 10 film reels

  • Mr. Bonasera

    "The Enforcer" mission

  • The Baptism

    "Baptism By Fire" mission

  • The Don's Demise

    "Order To Kill" mission

  • Sicilian Sign

    "Sleeping With The Fishes" mission

  • Carlo Learns A Lesson

    "Sonny's War" mission

  • Mattresses Montage

    "A Recipe For Revenge" mission

  • Are You Ready To Do Me This Favor?

    "Change Of Plans" mission

  • Ammunition

    All the safe houses that you pay for have ammo caches. When low on ammunition or health, you can go into these houses and restock. They are the orange houses on the map, and most are in hotels.

  • Easy special kills

    On missions where you have to kill an important figure in a certain way (such as pushing them off a roof or into a furnace), you can do this easier by luring your opponent over the hazard you must use to kill them before fighting with them. Just avoid them and run over to the hazard. They will come over to you. Beat them up a bit but do not kill...

  • Recommended weapons 2

    The pistol at level 3 works like a semi-automatic gun. It carries fourteen bullets and has more firepower. This is perfect for taking over businesses. The shotgun at level 3 has more ammunition, more firepower, and is perfect for taking over warehouses, etc. Prioritize weapons upgrades before safehouse buying. One house in each city will suffice...

  • Taking over compounds 2

    To take a warehouse, just drive a car into the blockades and keep running over people. If it catches on fire, turn your door side away from the enemies, then get out and find a new car.

  • Tattaglias compound

    When you think you are ready for the challenge, take on a compound. The Tattaglias in northeast Brooklyn might be the weakest family in New York, but that does not mean they are going to let you walk right in. Bring some bombs along and blow up the support pillars in the basements. You may start a mob war, but if you are successful you will have...

  • Easy money 2

    To get more money, take over as many businesses, warehouses, and rackets as possible before completing missions. By doing this you will get much more on payday, and money for important weapon upgrades.

  • Extorting businesses

    If you have not taken over all the businesses and rackets, wait until you have reached the "Don of New York" rank. You will be able to take over anything without having to smash anything up or "convince" the person that it is a good idea. They will say "Yes" immediately.

  • The Humping dance

    When you press X, you will squat and make a grunt. When you repeatedly press X it appears as if you are humping or dancing. Try the following. : Go outside to a person on the street and keep pressing X to them. Go somewhere with music and do it to "dance". Take a gun out hold X and fire away.

  • Upgrade priority 3

    Fighting: increase you negotiation pressure by 10% for each upgrade.

  • Barricades 1

    Use the following trick when you go to a hub, warehouse, or compound with people and cars blocking your way. Get a truck and run into the cars and people until it catches on fire. Then, finish off the other people that are still alive.

  • Car chases

    When you are being pursued by enemies in a car, let them drive up on your side. Usually they will come up near your rear on your left or right. Then, look ahead and lure them into an accident. Usually they will smash into something like oncoming traffic or a wall if you time it correctly. They will eventually come back and catch up to you, but...

  • Easier driving 1

    While driving down the street, honk your horn constantly by pressing Left Analog-stick. This will send other cars to the side of the road.

  • Marlon Brando's last appearance

    Play the mission when you go to the hospital to protect the Don. After you kill the first assassin and Michael Corleone tells you to go to the basement, go foward and make a left. You should see a door with Michael Corleone talking to Vito Corleone while he is in the hospital bed. Listen to the conversation carefully. This is the real Marlo...

  • Barricades 2

    When destroying barricades, stand close enough that you can lock on to a person. Take either dynamite or a Molotov cocktail and throw it. It will blow up the cars next to the people. Continue doing this until you have reached the warehouse, compound or Hub.

  • Movie and television references 1

    When in Little Italy it is possible to find a man with red hair a mustache and a fedora hat who is named Edward Rooney from Ferris Buellers Day Off.

  • Movie and television references 3

    There is a man with black-gray hair named Mike Brady (from The Brady Bunch) in Midtown.

  • Recommended weapons 1

    Do not waste money on safe houses. You can make it fine with just the ones you get in the story. Instead, save money for clothing and weapons. All the best weapons cost a lot but are well worth it. The Saturday Night Special is a better revolver and it will cost $75,000. The Assassin's Pistol is better gun and costs about $200,000. The Python a...

  • The Alley" mission Free pistol

    After you beat up the men and are told to locate your safehouse, follow the Don's enforcer out of the alley and turn left. Walk down a short distance to the next alley on your left. There will be a thug standing there, staring at you. He will not attack, but if you beat him up he will drop a pistol, which is good for a first gun. You can now...

  • "The Don Is Dead" mission

    Break the windows in the barber shop before start the mission. This will allow for easy shooting once the Don is shot. The recommended gun for this and any other close range shooting mission is the magnum.

  • Real Life Gun Names 2

    Pistol: Colt M1911A1 semi-auto .45 pistol

  • Real Life Gun Names 5

    Tommy Gun: Thompson M1921/1928 sub-machine gun in .45

  • Upgrade priority 5

    Shooting: For better aiming speed and precision but not essential for taking over businesses.

  • "Death To The Traitor" mission Hidden money

    After placing the bomb in the upstairs of the bar, a single enemy will suddenly open up the previously locked door at the top of the stairs. Quickly run into the hallway he reveals to collect a massive stash of money bags. Do this quickly by sprinting, as you will not have much time to run downstairs and leave before the bomb explodes. Do not...

  • Easier driving 2

    Go to a police station and bribe the police chief. You can then steal the police car without any trouble. Press Left Analog-stick to turn on the siren. Cars will now move out of your way.

  • Easy money 1

    Visit the sewer system. The entrance is directly south of the westernmost Tattaglia warehouse on the Hell's Kitchen Loop. Prepare for a battle. The crate containing the money you are after is guarded by a group of heavily armed bell-boys.

  • Movie and television references 2

    There is a blonde woman walking around in a black dress named Pamela Anderson in Midtown.

  • Real Life Gun Names 1

    .38 Snub-Nose: Colt Detective .38 Special/Smith & Wesson M & P 2in revolver

  • Real Life Gun Names 4

    Long-barrel Shotgun: Remington 870 pump-action shotgun

  • Safes

    You must blow all safes to become Don Of New York. Blow all the safes when you are taking over businesses that have one. By doing this you will not have to search for safes after you completed most of the missions. Also, you will get an amount of money, 1,000 respect and dynamite by blowing them up.

  • Upgrade priority 1

    Health: The more health, the better.

  • Upgrade priority 4

    Speed: Not so essential. Only faster reloading is interesting here.

  • Easy money 3

    Use the following trick if you do not like seeing your hard earned money going into some racket that will not pay off later. Get the pressure up on the person you would normally buy out. Instead, he will pay you.

  • Easy money 4

    On missions where you raid an enemy gang's operation (like a supplier or storefront racket), search the interior after completing the main objective for hidden stashes of ammunition and cash. Most back rooms, closets, and rooftops contain hidden moneybags or weapon stashes.

  • Real Life Gun Names 3

    Magnum: Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver in .357

  • Shooting enemies behind cover

    When you are locked onto an enemy who is hiding behind a crate or low object, keep locking on but use the Right Analog-stick to move the crosshair to a part of their body that is sometimes sticking out, like their head or arm. This will help you kill them easier.

  • Taking over compounds 1

    When the time to destroy the rival family compounds, the easiest way is to blow up one building at a time. Make sure you have all weapons with full ammnition.

  • Upgrade priority 2

    Streetsmarts: Prolong the victims breaking point (and by doing so, increasing your weekly income earnings). Remember to always try to buy them out first.