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Game Description:Curious George has been a favorite of readers for decades. For the first time, the lovable monkey's misadventures take him into a video game! The Man with the Yellow Hat's museum is on the verge of demolition. It's up to George and his friends to save it! Meet your favorite Curious George characters in ten levels ranging from the jungle to the Big City. The more you explore and monkey around the interactive 3D environments, the more "curious points" you'll score! Spend your points on goodies in the Museum Gift Shop. Mini-games and bonus content keep the fun rolling after you've taken care of (monkey) business by completing the storyline.
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Curious George Cheats

  • Curious Points

    By interacting with Curious Objects you earn Curious Points, which you can then use to purchase any unlocked items in the Gift shop.

  • Gift Shop

    The Gift shop is where you an go to use your Curious Points to purchase bonus items that have been unlocked by collecting bananas. You cannot purchase an item until it has been Unlocked. Once an item is Unlocked, you can purchase it provided that you have enough Curious Points.